Sunday, 17 May 2015

True Colors

Freedom of speech is a beautiful privilage, we can say what we want and we are entitled and afforded that privilage.

Why don't we all go and tell our bosses exactly what we think of them and lets see exactly how "free" our speech really is and then, let's see who's side the law sits on? 

Freedom of speech in private or among friends is great, you can express anything you desire but those poster have as much to do with the upcoming referendum as my blue fish, nothing.  That Bill was past 2 months ago and did not need a referendum, if anyone has a problem with that Bill, you need to bring your concerns to your local politician.  It has no place in this referendum. 

However, when placing your opinion on posters and spreading your opinion across the country, you should stay within the structures and boundaries of the Equality Act 2004.  Not because it's politically correct and used as a means to silence people who struggle with change, but to allow those, who historically have been excluded and marginalised, to express themselves and to ensure that based on certain factors, certain sectors of society are not excluded and to ensure that policies are created to support their inclusion.

Public displays of freedom of speech should stay within the boundaries of non discriminatory behaviour.

Are we allowing "freedom of speech" to manifest itself into a tool to exclude a sector of society and using the forum of debate to share and voice our predjudice on people who's actions we don't understand ? 

Lately I have completed a good few charity events, all for depression, suicide or mental health.  One thing that I have noticed is how mental health is not an isolated illness that has no bearing on other parts of your life, but rather stems from life events.  It is part of the wheel of a persons life.  

The conversation about the referendum have for the most part, been about how this will effect me, as a straight person or you as a straight person.  

When do we ask the question, how will my vote impact the people it affects? If I vote no, how would that make a person feel? Do I vote only on what I think I should understand about how a person should love? Or do I vote with the power of knowing that love between consenting adults is just love.  No cloak and dagger, not rebellious and not wrong.

Would voting no, hurt a young person struggling with who they are? Would voting No impact generations of even the unborn negatively?  Will voting no make a person feel isolated?

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has fear, everyone has predjudices. 

Love is love. 

We don't need to understand other people's love, we just need to understand love.  

If your voting on the basis of feeling that another person's love is wrong? 

Will voting No make it right ?

Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Wishes from the Dark Side

I was one of those people that joined in the January of 2007.  I had wanted to join from the September 2006 but you know, I had to deliberate if I really needed to join Weight Watchers.  What was the point of joining something where they were all already skinny? 

I really used to think that places like Weight Watchers were places were the Stepford Wives used to go for a little chat before brunch.  I was not going to pay to go to a place like that and allow some skinny yoke to know my weight.  Nah, I'll wait.  

I always seem to have hope in the run up to Christmas that the year ahead will not only bring me a beautiful figure, winning the lotto and of course good health but I usually wish that I can be brave to face my demons head on. 

I remember that year before I joined and It was worse because I knew I needed to do it but it was like a dream and I was too scared to make the first step.  So the usual feelings of dislike that I had for shopping in the very expensive plus size clothes shops, whose clothes never suited me at all, got even worse.

I was happy, in black as usual but content.

Move on a few years to where I had possibly about 3 stone left to lose.  Anyways, I was sitting in class just before Christmas and it must have been the class right before we broke up for the holidays and my leader asked the question about what we had all worn to our Christmas Parties.  There was a lot of Little Black Dresses. 

Then she asked what we would like to wear to next years Christmas party and I raised my hand and I said a silver sparkly dress.

I didn't want to be in black but yet it was quite the comfort for me and I always feel safe in it.

It was also the start of me realising that dreaming is all well and good, but dreaming about something, even if you do it lots, will not make it a reality.

Reality is the doing of the dreaming.  It's also something that I had to do, I was only dependent on myself making the plan work for me and sticking to it. 

So now, since getting to goal, as normal, there are lots of dinners out and parties in the run up to Christmas I always in the middle of a really indulgent dinner or party.  I will decide there and then to say NO to something.

Not because I don't want it but because I can say No and I can choose my own faith of the year ahead.  because what I eat today becomes my tomorrow, and what I eat this year, is next summer's body and I choose to decide what that body will be. 

Your dreams are special and only you will know what losing the weight will do for you.

Stop dreaming, start doing and the reality is much better than the dream because it has the ripple effect on everything.