Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weightwatchers Pro Points for SuperMacs

Just because you can't remember eating it, does not mean you didn't!

Does your Saturday night end in Supermacs? Well I have to say that every now and then after a good night out dancing, which is extremely rare these days, I love to go to Supermacs.  
Especially for their Chicken Burgers or their Taco Fries.  

So with this in mind I decided to go check out the Weight Watchers Pro Points of these treats.  Lets just say that I may have to review my choice of Fast Food Joint.  

All info can be found on their website 

So here's some favorites to help you for those Saturday night 4 am cravings. 

Remember, with Weight Watchers, moderation not deprivation is key!


            Chicken Wings Pro Points 13 

             Chicken Tenders (3) Pro Points 7

Chicken Burger Weightwatchers Pro Points 10

Chicken Wrap (no sauce)Pro Points 11 

Snack Box Weightwatchers Pro Points 25


Reg Burger Pro Points 6

Cheese Burger Pro Points 10

Mighty Mac Weightwatchers Pro Points 13

Smokey Bacon Burger Weightwatchers Pro Points 15


Reg Fries Pro Points 9

Curry Fries Pro Points 10

Curry & Cheese Pro Points 12

Garlic & Cheese Pro Points 16

Taco Pro Points 16 


Onion Rings Weightwatchers Pro Points 4 

Sausage Portion Weightwatchers Pro Points 9 


Ice cream portion Pro Points 3

99 Ice Cream Cone Propoints 5

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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