Monday, 17 September 2012

Weightwatchers Propoints for Chocolate Bars

If I was a bar of chocolate, yes I probably would eat myself!

Chocolate is my addiction

Slabs of chocolate, especially a Whole Nut or a Snickers.  I have to admit.  I did not do any of the hard work for this blog.  I nicked all of the information from someone else's blog and to make it even worse, I can't remember the name of the blog.  So to whoever wrote this, apologies and thank you for the hard work. 

Cadbury s  All standard size 

Boost 8 
Cream egg 5
Chomp 3
Crunchie 5
Curly wurly 3
Double decker 6
Flake 5
Flake dipped 6
Picnic 6
Time out 5
Twirl 6

Mars  All standard size

Bounty dark 8
Bounty milk 7
1 Celebrations (any) 1
Minstrels (42g bag) 6
Galaxy caramel 7
Galaxy milk chocolate (50g) 8
Galaxy raisin almond etc(46g) 7
M&m's chocolate (45g) 6
M&m's peanut (45g) 6
Maltesers (37g) 5
Mars bar 8
Mars planets (37g) 5
Milky way 3
Magic stars (31g)5
Revels (35g) 5
Topic 6
Twix 8

Nestle - all standard size

Aero & aero mint 7
Aero chunky 6
Kitkat 1 finger 2 
2 fingers 3
4 fingers 7
Kitkat chunky 7
Kitkat chunky p-nut butter 7
Lion bar 11
Milky bar 13g 2
25g 4
34g 5
Toffee crisp 6
Walnut whip 5


Chocolate orange bar 40g 6
1 piece Chocolate orange 1


Dime bar 4
Toblerone 50g 7

Choose wisely because its true, a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips.  Go for treat size bars if you can and remember if you have it in the fridge or cupboard will it grow a voice and start calling you.  I

If so leave well enough alone.

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have too!


  1. Thanks for this :-) i would follow but i cant find a link as i am on wordpress :-(

  2. Foodgloriousfood, unfortunetly I don't know how to add a word press follow button, of you do I would love to know. I love your blog, especially the ethnic foods, they look delicious

  3. I'm so glad you have this blog! Having started WW recently it's so helpful for ideas! Did it take you long to get used to the portion sizes? That seems to be the biggest adjustment for me.

    1. Portion sizes were and still are difficult for me, things like cereal, rice and pasta were really difficult but having a proper size bowl and plate really made a difference. I'm delighted you like the blog and hope that you do d it helpful.

  4. Hi there, Im just wondering about some of the bars propoint value. I had different ones which I worked out with the ww calculator. For example, The mint aero comes out as 6pp on calculator and the lion bar comes out at 7pp and the double decker at 7pp too...There are a few other differences as well. All the bars are standard size. I'm just confused cause i want to make sure im propointing right!! Do you know of the accumulator is always accurate??

  5. *Calculator not accumulator!

    1. Hi the calculator is generally always right, if it's an older calc there can be some differences. I didn't do any of the work in this post, as stated but I just compared it to my favourites that I knew the propoints from and it worked out, but I know a lion bar is quite high so if that worked out at 6 it would be great

  6. wow this blog is great wish i found you when i started ww but at least i did find it now got my gold card but really want to keep it

  7. Thanks for all the points postings. Really helpful thanks