Monday, 16 July 2012

Aldi Weightwatchers Friendly Food Finds

I'm going to start this blog off with the fact that no I do not work for Aldi but I love a bargain, both Propoints wise and penny wise and I find that Aldi  do a great selection of their own brand products which match the above criteria. 

Firstly their fruit and veg is generally priced extremely reasonable, in fact sometimes I wonder how they can even manage to get their prices so low but we all know how costly fruit can be even if it has a Propoints value of 0.

When I started in WeightWatchers, one of the hardest parts of the program for me was bread and Carbohydrates.  I love them both and was a complete and utter processed carb fiend.

Nowadays I really try to limit the amount of bread I eat while still being able to get my carb fix. 

Here is some of my vices that I just love. 

Aldi Mediterranean Wraps

Weightwatchers Propoints Value  4 

These are like a double sided wrap.  Great for making pizza, quesadillas and of course as a wrap.  These will really fill you up.  There also available in Wholewheat aswel as white.

Aldi Soft Rolls 

Weightwatchers Propoints Value 2 

These are great little buns, perfect for little burger treats, sambos, or really beautiful in a real Irish delicateness with a packet of low Pro pointed Crisps to really get a carb treat.  

Aldi White Finger Rolls

Weightwatchers Propoints Value 3

Gorgeous rolls, neither to small or large. Perfect for lunch and also available in brown and wholewheat. 

Aldi Jam Donuts

Weightwatchers Propoints Value 4

These are really gorgeous.  I love the jam in them.  There is also only 4 in a pack which suits me better, because with other low pro pointed donuts, they generally come in a pack of 6 which for me, means their is some left over. As Oscar Wilde once said "I can resist everything, except temptation".  If you have a sweat tooth and work better using the method of damage control for break out days, your gonna love these.

Aldi Rice Cakes

Weightwatchers Propoints Value 2

I can hear the debate to eat rice cake or eat cardboard?  These are really tasty.  I bought the chocolate coated ones and they were delicious.  The chocolate was really gorgeous and it was a thick layer of it for only 2 Propoints per cake, which I thought was great value.  They also come in white chocolate and yogurt layer. 

Aldi also have large Rice crackers and each one has a pro point value of 1.  There available in corn, sea salt and multi grain. 

All of these products are Irish produced which is terrific and all priced under 2 euro.  This is a win win situation. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have too!


  1. I use the Aldi wholewheat toasting muffins and they are just 3 pp! Great with a poached egg and some wilted spinach for a very low pp weekend breakfast!

  2. Brid I love them Aswell especially with jam

  3. I've literally just restarted back to WW after a few years trying every other diet available.... I am loving your blog! Thank you for the great tips! This is my time NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!