Friday, 5 December 2014

Sweet Treat Food Finds

There everywhere, the tins of sweets.  I mean I got offered them in my Credit Union, so really there is no escaping the tins of sweets.  

I find being a Weight Watcher at this time of year can really be tester.  Firstly, before children and marraige, the debate was always, spend the tenner on the WeightWatchers, or put it into the party pot?  Then I would remember that the dress that I was wearing in the smaller size was because I spent the tenner on Weight Watchers, so I usually dragged my sorry ass and at times it was very sorry, up the stairs to my meeting. 

It was money well spent. 

That doesn't mean that it was easy.  Those tins of sweets and there is always a skinny food pusher behind them with the ahh go on go on go on. 

They seem to stand near me, pushing my buttons waiting for me to explode, shove your roses up your sewing box. 

Well at least I have a filter between mouth brain and mouth.  You see the problem is that when you open a tin, generally we don't stop at the one, or even the 2 and I actually eat more than what I want just because, their open. 

Last year I gained 8 pounds, yep, 8 pound 2 weeks, all because of these little buggers. 

I love them, I can smell them being brought through the house. 

These little suckers were the cause of my weight gain and Ill be honest it took a whole lot longer than 2 weeks to get rid of the half a stone. 

This year, I am not going into the box of Caffreys at all, not even a little peak, I know my weakness and my limits. 

So instead of deprivation, I will indulge in my own way.  

So here is some sweet treats to keep you going .

I got these in Dunnes Stores for €1,50 for a 20 pack.  1 bag is 2 Propoints and 2 bags is 3 Propoints. 
There in Salt and Vinegar, Cheese Puffs and Onion Rings and there lovely.  Both prices and propoints value are well worth it. 

Also in Dunnes, 3 Propoints per bag but 7 Propoints for 2 bags.

Now these are 3
 Propoints per bag and their lovely and great for dipping into tea or coffee. 

Currently on sale in Dunnes Stores for €1 and really, it's hard to tell the difference in taste, but 2 tablespoons of this works out at 1 Propoints, and it's seriously delicious. 


I bought this in Dunnes, it's like vanilla custard, it's really thick and delicious.  It's on sale in Dunnes for €0.65 and 52mls roughly 2 and a half tablespoons will cost you 1 propoint.  

This is my find of the year.

Oh and I found this in Dunnes Stores aswell

McCloskey Christmas Crumpets. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to! 


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