Tuesday, 12 August 2014

And it was all knickers fault

160km achieved but it was the thoughest 160km ever. 

It all started when the Lord mayor stool to make a speech to wish us all well, I knew I was going to vomit but I just couldn't hold it in and I had to run back to the field and puke. 

I was vomiting out of nerves, the really got to me and I just couldn't hold it in.

See I'm afrwaid cycling, getting to flow to other bikes, speed, I'm as afraid of the downhill as I am of the uphill. So everything I had to do on the cycle. 

The first day was really though, the hills nearly broke me and I'll be honest, I really needed a push. 

And here's the push that got through most of the day. 

So I completed 130km on Saturday, the full mileage and I was over the moon.  I went and won legs 11 female of 2014, I would say that I won it because I tried so hard rather than my legs because look at the male winner.

Yep, his legs were literally at least a whole foot longer than mine, but I was delighted to have a little award and people recognised that I was trying my heart out. 

The next day though, I was so sore, tired and it was raining, a big fear of mine.  6 km in and I was flagging behind, exhausted and no concentration and I was wobbling so I had to think if I was a danger to myself and to others and I really was, it was time to jump out of that stage.  

My teeth chartered and my body was shaking with the cold, people on the cycle thought I was sick but I knew it was my bodies way of saying, no cycling.  I think my body was in shock. 

The funny thing was, I actually think that eating scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast for breakfast zapped my energy. 

Now to think I ate healthily on this cycle would be a lie.  I ate like a warhog.  At every stop I had a sambo and chocolate biscuits or protein bars.  It's weird but I really needed to eat and I needed sugar, I also had 2 gel drinks their for energy, actually pure sugar and their super stuff for bursts of energy. 

I did however make it through the weekend without any fizzy drinks. No lucozade or anything.  

I told the safety cyclist what I ate for breakfast and he said it was not helpful. That it just bloated me and made me tired which it did. 

I got back on the bike for the last 35km and it was lovely. 

I was the weakest link, absolutely no doubt about it.  The others had trained and knew what gear was what and I didn't and they had stamina, which I lacked but I'm still proud of myself and my trophy.

Yesterday and today I'm not such a come down from it. 

Then I heard that Robin Williams most likely died yesterday through suicide and I was deflated.  The whole cycle was a suicide awareness campaign.  

The man who organises the cycle does so  because his son took his own life 8 years ago.  

I don't know why the other cyclists were there, whether they lost someone through suicide, were they there for the challenge or whether they themselves felt at some stage that suicide was a good option, ill never know but I do hope that someone saw the cycle, while their in a dark and low place and might seek help. 

On a lighter note, I will have a saddle mark on my bum forever.  You see, your not suppose to wear underwear under the shorts.  Huge mistake.  I will never cycle again with underwear on, it burns and in mean on fire burns. 

Now all I need to do is train hard for next year, and this time I will train. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to! 

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  1. Well done, massive achievement for a novice cyclist. Just wondering where your current ww class is?