Thursday, 7 August 2014

Crapping Myself

This is the actual face I'm pulling today knowing that I have to cycle 240km over 2 days. 

What in the name of dear crap was I thinking when I signed up. 

Even with s one training, my booty feels like it's on fire when cycling, my hands go numb and my legs scream for me to stop.  In the up side 1 hours cycling burned 700 calories but it also burned my bum so still waiting on the silver lining. 

I know it's a great cause and the funds are badly needed but taking money off people when really the chances of me completing the blooming thing are slimmer than a weightwatchers leader make me feel uncomfortable. 

Speaking of uncomfortable, this is how my bum is going to look on Saturday night.

Then on another note, I'm afraid that I will go back on fizzy drinks, they say you need something to help you go the distance and some instant sugar in the system to keep you going.  

If I drink it at the weekend I would have to start from scratch again. 

Has anyone any idea of what I could drink to get the sugar into me without drinking Pepsi or coke? 

To be honest, if I survive this, I will make myself a little blue peter badge because I really will deserve it.

I'm absolutely cacking myself and feel that if I even manage half of it, I will be doing more than I ever have before but my nerves are shot to pieces. 

I'm not going to ask anyone for money.  I'm asking you all to hope that I make at least half of it safely. 

However, I seen this on Ireland Am yesterday and I did realise that it's about trying.  I realised this through tears watching this. 

This little girl lost her dad through suicide and she's only 10 and this is her take on it. 


Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to! 


  1. have you seen the add for the new robinsons squash drink. is a little container and u squeeze into ur drink. i saw them in dunnes the other day. that would be perfect for you. squeeze into bottle of water or even fizzy water. that would help a lot.
    bananas are good too :)
    you will do the cycle no bother. i did something similar and you get through it and will surprise yourself by actually enjoying it!!
    good luck.

    1. I got 3 of the them, when I seen them I thought, yep that's what I need.:-)

  2. Would you try adding electrolytes to your water - this is what triathletes & distance cyclers use. They would be better than fizzy drinks! Any good sports shop should have them!

    1. Hi Claire, I'm going to my local bike shop, apparently the sell them in little gel sachets that I can keep in my cycling top, hopefully it helps