Monday, 25 August 2014

Dealz sweet Treats

Feeling much more myself this week.  Cravings for fizzy drinks seem to be getting much better and I'm much more positive. 

Also I got my Weight Watchers weigh in and I was up 4 and a half pounds.  It was such a relief to just get it out of the way.  

I knew I was up but not knowing the damage exactly meant that in my head I turned it into a gremlin, I felt the pounds were multiplying by the day and it was dragging me down. 

Now I know the damage, I'm not as upset, damage done and I'm taking back control of my own weight and emotions.  It's very empowering to take control of your own situation. 

If anyone out there has had a bad summer or too good of a summer and it's playing on your mind, stop, get back to class and look ahead.  You'll feel so much better.

No wonder I'm more positive, this week I'm part of the leaders dance in the Leinster Strictly Come Dancing and I've been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in my Tuesday Weight Watchers Class on Tuesday in aid of the Laura Lyn Foundation.  

On the note of Strictly Come Dancing, as much as I cannot divulge much of the leaders dance, these are part of the costume.

Yes, they are as tiny as they look on the picture, put it like this, I will need to exfoliate before getting my orange peel out on stage lol. 

To top off the better week I've been having, I went into Deals on the browse the other day and I found a plethora of great food finds.  

Some times I find that the best food finds, especially for sweet treats, can really pull at the purse strings. 

I love the Weight Watchers Rich Toffee Bars but I do keep them just for me, but even finding family friendly sweet treats can be expensive.

Then I entereed Deals.  It was great doing a shop and not being broke. 

 Firstly, lots of Weight Watchers Products at €1.49 including the wraps which can be hard to get. 

These are just like the normal Animal Biscuits but they are proper biscuit size and their gorgeous for dipping into a cup of coffee.  

The pack cost €1.50 and each biscuit is 1 Propoint and if you have 2 it will only cost you 2 propoint.

I actually did a happy dance when I Propointed these.  I'm very easily excited, especially when it comes to chocolate.

The Snack size Ripple Bars each one is 2propoints.  I had such a melt in the mouth moment after dipping this in coffee.  Absolutely delicious.  I think it was the first time I really 100% enjoyed a coffee.

These are lovely and the 6 pack cost me €1.49 making them extra sweet chili.  Each pack is 2 propoints.

Now for the one product I got really excited about and I was not disappointed. 

This is a pack of 4, €1.49 for the pack, each bag is 1 pp, for 2 bags it's 3 propoints.  I actually had a pack of popcorn and a snack size Ripple bar and it only cost me 3 propoints. 

I really did find my fav dealz at Deals. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to! 


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