Monday, 12 August 2013

Eating out is not cheating, it's life!

Gino oh Gino Ginelli, no we don't want the big belly!

Yes that is my cheesy, albeit low fat cheese version of a song or ad from the 1980's, yes I am old and I don't care.  I think it was for Ice cream maybe?

Anyway's this week in class is all about eating out and how you can still stay in control of yourself, even if your not in control of the cooking. 

Are some of you not venturing out because your in the military stage of loosing weight?  Do you think to yourself that a night out could ruin all of your good work? 

Well sometimes it can but Milano's have a delicious menu that really is tailored to a Weight Watchers lifestyle.   I would eat there, not a lot, but if there was a dinner and movie occasion, I would go for Milano because I can actually have my starters, pizza and dessert and not bust my gut doing it. 

The range is called Leggera.  It means low fat in Italian but it sounds so much better when said with an Italian accent. 

The starters is 

Roasted Tomatoes, now these are part of the "normal range" and they have a propoints value of 2 and are lovely.

Leggera Super-foods Salad has a propoints value of 8 but is really substantial. 
You can also get this salad with chicken but it brings the Propoints value up to 12. 

There is also options on all salads for light dressings or no dressings at all.


They have a range of 5 pizza to choose from and all of them are under 500 calories.  There all beautiful, the only one I haven't tried is the American and that is on my to do list.  This works out that all of the pizza are between 12 and 16 Weight Watchers Propoints.  Really good value. 


Mini Oddono’s Raspberry Sorbet

This has a Propoints value of 2 and it is exactly what you look for at the end of a meal, it's light and sweet and tangy. 

All of the calories and reference can be found on 

See, you can have a life and still loose weight.  

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. love tis blog about eating out

  2. Just what I was looking for! This is brilliant! Surprise dinner out tomorrow and only 10 weeklies left!