Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tefal Actifry Giveaway

Would you like to eat crisp golden chips again?  Would you like to win this Actifry? 

Well Niptuck has reached 500 friends on Facebook and I thought, that's as good a reason as any for a giveaway.  Now this is not just any silly giveaway, this is for your state of the art Tefal Actifry. 

I been lucky enough to receive not only the Tefal Actifry as a gift but also the Tefal Optigrill, as in think George Foreman and multiply it by about 100. 

So, I am one and half years at the blogging business, 500 facebook pals, nominated both years for the Irish Blog Awards and nearly a quarter of a million readers, so as a way of saying Thank you for all of your support I'm giving away the Tefal Actifry. 

On top of this, for any of you who want to buy this, if you buy through D.I.D Electrical, firstly calling 01 6250250 and speak with Sean for an extra 5% off.  

That's nearly a tenner off.  Every little helps right? This offer runs all the way up to Christmas, so If you want a good present this year, put your spoke in now with your significant other.

Supporting Irish Jobs

So what do you have to do to win this? 

All that you have to do is comment on your favorite Niptuck post and tell me why this particular post helped or motivated you. 

Then pop over to the Facebook page, Like and Share the Giveaway post and comment Done. 

Not my kitchen but I wish it was!

That's it, nothing outlandish.  I just really want you tell me how the blog helps and motivates you. 

Now in case some of you don't know this, but the Actifry is very special because, it is the one chip pan that only uses 1 Tablespoon of oil.  

That's it for 1 kg of chips.  So instead of 10 Weight Watchers Propoints for the tiniest amount of chips, you get to eat real chips for less propoints.

Not only does it make the most superb chips but you can make curries in it, stir fry and a whole lot more.  It's a one stop chip shop in your home. 

The Actifry has won lots of awards, in particular 

Now who argues with Good Housekeeping? 

You can take it from me that there will be a good many Actifry posts appearing on the blog very soon. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions, 
  1. You must be a resident of the Island of Ireland.
  2. You must be over 18 to enter.
  3. The winner will be chosen by a team of people for transparency purposes.
  4. The closing date is the 28th of August 2013
  5. A cash refund is not possible.
  6. The Actifry may vary in color.
  7. Once the winner receives the Actifry, it is their property and their responsibility.
  8. All entrants accept these terms upon entering the giveaway. 
  9. The winner will be announced on the 2nd of September

This post is with Thanks to both Tefal and D.I.D Electrical.

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. I loved the spice burger in the Shepard's pie, yum, real winters dinner treat. maura.

  2. I love the blogs where you propoint different products As a previous weight watcher I found it difficult to use the propoints Your blogs have saved me many times + has really helped me on my weight loss journey Thank you xxxx Gretta

  3. I love your I am A Food Junkie post. It was like you were talking about me!!! Weight watchers is a great 12 step program and provides great structure! very motivational post!! thank you:-)

  4. I love all the "food finds" posts. It's great to have all the hard work of pointing new foods done for me!!!


  5. I love your post "The before, the after and the Sunday World". It takes a lot of courage to go public with your weight loss and you have every right to show yourself off after an amazing weight loss. It gives me hope that it can be done. You wrote in the post that Weight Watchers has changed your life and I feel it has changed mine too!

  6. Mcdonalds Pro points post is very helpful. I didn't realise how many points some of the products contain! No big macs for me then. Linda sallie Guest on FB

  7. I love your Weight Watchers Food Finds. I tend to stick to the same products and this gives me new ideas to keep me motivated

  8. Hi I just want to start with by saying I just love your blog it is so helpful to me in so many ways I love your Mcdonalds Pro point blog as its great for me because when I`m on days out with the kids it is so great when we want to go get something to eat we just go to Mcdonalds I feel so confident in knowing what the pro points are in all there food there`s nothing like going for something to eat and you don't have a clue what the pro points are in the food that's on the menu :( but with you blogs its all there thanks again keep up the great work your doing
    Regards Catherine Doyle a Facebook Friend

  9. I first started reading your blog when I read your post about weightwatchers real chips, as a busy single mum of 3 I find your posts not only incredibly helpful but the recipes are delicious and it doesn't feel like I'm on a diet when food tastes this great :)

  10. Liked and shared on facebook :)

  11. I love when you pro point regular food from aldi

  12. I love when you propointed the icecreams. It was nice to be able to make informed decisions during the summer when you wanted an icecream treat.

  13. Hi Claire :)

    I LOVE your entry ''I am a food junkie and food finds''. It was like reading my own story. 19 years old and 17st 8lbs and I wasn't greedy, I loved my healthy food but junk food was there when I was up or down, it was my crutch like it was yours. I've come along away I'm now 22 years old and 12st 6lbs and extremely close to goal :) I had to develop plans to help me suss out why I ate at certain moments and how I could change my relationship with food. I did and I continue to do so! Your entry proved that I wasn't the only person who gobble bags of junk food when nobody was around, I may be over 5st lighter but I still have weak moments but I have the entry saved in favourites and I turn to it in these moments and it spurs me on to continue my journey so one day soon I hope, I can be 100% fit and healthy and also a Leader :) Plus god I'd love to win the prize lol :) Gráinne Ní Dhuinnín :)

  14. Just starting my weight loss journey and your blog has given me such inspiration to re affirm that it will take time but that I will get there. I have two beautiful daughters and I do not want them struggling with weight for their lives so I have decided that enough is enough and that I am going to be a positive role model for them. My oldest daughter just loves chips and if we had an actifry we could have chips without feeling guilty plus show the girls another way of eating healthily! Thanks again for all the helpful hints and inspiration. Mary Dunne

  15. I love this page NipTuck it gives you all your daily needs of all the good food and Lovely treats :) i also love when u type in in the search bar and what your looking for comes up if ur stuck and its there .. This page has inspired me because eating all the great foods on this page has made me lose all my weight not only that but it has made me very healthy and i dont feel like im cheating anymore thanks so much for putting this page up its made me and my family very happy xx

  16. have liked and shared :) DONE

  17. I love to bake with my son(4) and its very hard to do that and try to loose weight. (I want to eat it all ;-)ha)your blog has saved us. I love to be able to log on n see very good recipes with wwpp attached. i had the lidl bread in the cupboard about to go out of date , it never dawned on me that it would be a great ww bread. thank you for giving your time to make this journey easier for everyone :-)