Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Breakfast on the go!

Any easy nutritious breakfast that will take 4 minutes to make up the night before.

In two weeks time the schools are back open and traffic will be back to it's usual madness.  We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  That does not mean that we all manage to have it. 

The easy options are the usual and sometimes we get stuck in a rut.  Especially when we are on a health kick. 

Firstly I have to say that I used a previously devoured Weight Watchers Chocolate Spread jar and the difference that it made. 

Do you find that you have all of these containers but can never find the lid to match?  Always happens with me.  So this was really a case of think of something quick or I don't know what I will be having for lunch. 

From now on I will be doing this a lot.  It's not too big and not too small and If I leave it in the fridge in work, It won't be taken by somebody who thinks it's just anyone's yogurt. 

I have been run off my feet the past week, between work, Weight Watchers classes and the give away, I'm chasing my tail.  However, the comments coming in from the giveaway are brilliant and such a response.  Tell me your story in the comments aswel. 

You can still enter the giveaway for a Tefal Actifry here 

Weight Watchers Propoints per Jar 2
Propoints in 1 finger of Crunchie Granola Bar 2
Jar is Filling & Healthy


A good handful of raspberries
100mls of Glenisk Fat Free Natural Yogurt
1 Tbl of Sweetener


Mash the raspberries and place at the bottom of the jar.  Mix the yogurt with the sweetener and taste.  Use more or less depending on your taste.  Pour over the raspberries.  Close jar and place in fridge until ready to use it. 

You could also take a sachet of Porridge oats with you to sprinkle on top and that would make the whole breakfast Filling & Healthy. 

Otherwise, that would be a 5 Propoint breakfast on the go. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Super idea and so simple and much less sugar content than the yogurts you can buy with the syrupy stuff and the bottom! Love all ur work niptuck its super :-D

    1. Thanks Orla it's so much better for you.

  2. Another super easy idea. Will be trying this one with strawberries as i don't like raspberry. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. Can I ask how many points the yoghurt is on its own and what granola bar you would recommend? Thanks a mil! Sally

    1. Hi Sally, the yogurt is 2 Propointed but it's so much better for you than other yogurts. Just sweeten it yourself. The granola bar is nature valley oats & honey. The pack is 5 pp but 1 bar is 2 pp but I find that it keeps me fuller than other bars.

  4. Great idea as usual - and love the nature valley bars but never thought of using them this way. Cheers for that.

  5. Thanks so much! Brekkie for tomorrow is sorted! X