Monday, 13 February 2012

Weightwatchers Eating Out Help

Love is in the air.

Unlike this picture, I do not share my food willingly.  That would be a break up meal for me lol. 

Therefore, meals out for me are indulgent and my treats.  Yes I will spend my weeklies in one go for my night out.  They are very rare and far between. 

However, I also like to have some idea of what Im eating.  Some of the chain restaurants have great food with a range of food that does fit into the Weight Watchers lifestyle. 


For those of us that love Italian food (hand raised)  Milanos food is delicious and they range called Leggera that has been endorsed in Britain by Weightwatchers.  

Pizza's range from 14 to 16 Propoints but they are actually very nice.

They also have a dessert menu in Leggera that ranges from 2 to 6 Propoints.  What more could we possibly ask for? 


Nandos are everywhere, not the most romantic place but they do have nice food.  

Actually Nandos is Portuguese not in fact Mexican but it's probably the closest to Mexican that we can get here in Ireland.

The Breast of Chicken filet in a pitta minus the mayo has a Pro Point value of 12 with a side of Spicy Rice for a Pro Point value of 5.

For starters go for the salad minus the dressings in fact the juicy peppers are needed to cool down the spice.

For dessert there's always the low fat Frozen Yogurt which has a ProPoints Value of 2.

For a more extensive range log onto Weightwatchers.

A good option in restaurants is seafood, just check the sauces or ask for the sauce on the side. 

These are all chain restaurants but in Ireland we have class, independent restaurants, just choose wisely and enjoy your night out.  

Happy Valentines Day xxx  

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