Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Weightwatchers Food Finds

Happy Valentines Day 

So there i was doing my shopping and i see these and my mouth started to water, yum, i could smell the chocolate.  I decided to calculate them and see how many Weightwatchers ProPoints these yummies actually have?

To my utter astonishment the Weightwatchers ProPoints Value is 1 yes 1 and to go one better if i were to have 2 of these Flake 99 it would be only 2 ProPoints.  That means its 1 for 1 and 2 for 2. 

This has really made my Valentines Day because there so versatile.  Yummy on their own or added to ice cream or Trifle. 

Other Find of Week 

Nutella to me is the Devil! Why? Well once i start i cannot stop eating it. Its so delicious on Bread, Crackers or as a dessert so now it is banned from the house completely because if its in the cupboard it actually starts to wink at me, literally it beckons me. Then i found this in my local Dunnes Stores.  I think it was about 2.50 Euro for the mini tubes.  

So they looked like Nutella, they smelled like Nutella, did they taste like Nutella? well not really but that's because they don't have the Hazelnuts in them but they were a great substitute, so the ProPoints i hear you ask? for a mini tube,which covered 2 Dutch Crispbreads lusciously 2, yes 2 Weightwatchers Pro Points per tube, which means that half is 1 and really to get you past the sugar rush for 1 Dutch Crispbread with half a tube is only 2 ProPoints. 

So Happy Valentines Day Everyone xxx

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