Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WeightWatchers Fish Recipe

Weightwatchers Pan Fried Salmon and Potatoes for 11 Pro Points

This is so tasty and is quick and easy.  This should take no longer than 20 minutes max to get from fridge to table. 

Spiced Salmon with a hint of dill cooked so that its light and soft with the crispy seasoned Potatoes over a salad is a beautiful treat. 

And its loaded with Omega 3 and helps those Brain cells along (which i really need) along with all of the other benefits that eating fish has. 

Serves 2

Weightwatchers Pro Points Per Serving 11

Weightwatchers Pro Points Per Recipe 22


2 medium sized Salmon Fillets (No bones but the skin still on)

2 medium sized Potatoes

1tsp of crushed Chili Flakes

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 tsp of Arrowmat Seasoning

1 tsp of Marks & Spencers Roast Potato Seasoning 

A half a tsp of Dill

Salad of Choice 

Cherry Tomatoes 

Juice of a quarter of a Lemon 

Spray Oil


Take the potatoes, pierce with a knife throughout both potatoes.  Place in the microwave for 8 minutes on high. 

Lightly spray a non stick pan with spray oil on a medium to high heat.  When hot, place the salmon skin side down on the pan.  This should sizzle.  Add salt and pepper (i used freshly ground black pepper), the chili flakes. 

Lower the heat to medium.  

You should start to see the pink coming up through the salmon 

Wait 2 minutes and add the dill. 

When the microwave beeps take out the potatoes (carefully) and dice them up. 

Remove the salmon from the pan. Return heat to high and spray with a little oil. 

Add the diced potatoes and add the remainder of the seasonings. 

Cook on high for 2 minutes and then toss in the pan. 

Add salad of your choice (I used a crispy salad) to the plate, place the potatoes on top of the salad and add the salmon and garnish with cherry tomatoes. 

You could always a little sweat chili sauce if you like but this is delish as it is. 

Enjoy Everyone!

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