Monday, 13 February 2012

Weightwatchers Chocolate Cake for 3 Pro Points

Weightwatchers Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

Love is in the air and that means so is high pointed, fat laden food.  I love going out for a meal and i really love desserts but with Valentines Day i prefer to have a nice meal at home and relax without all the hustle and bustle that "Love day" brings. 

My favorite part of any meal is Dessert, so i decided that i would try to make an indulgent chocolate cake that doesn't bust my pocket and of course my gut. 

I served this with my Weightwatchers 0 Pro Point Vegetable Soup and baked Salmon with Fried potatoes.  

So this chocolate cake is from and i decided to give it a shot.  Yes its scrumptious.  

The pictures don't do this any justice. Real chocolate indulgence with a hint of raspberry and i added some coconut, purely because i love coconut. Its light and fluffy and thoroughly delicious. All this for a Weightwatchers Pro points Value of 3

I used a heart shaped cake mold which i bought in Lidl for 4.99 Euro but you can use any cake mold you choose. 

This recipes makes 10, however the cake mold only makes 8 so i repeated the process for the last 2 and only baked them for 15 minutes.

So if your staying in tomorrow but want to celebrate Valentines Day and impress that someone special in your life here's the recipe. 

Serves 10 

Weightwatchers ProPoints Per Serving 3

Weightwatchers ProPoints Per Recipe 30 


225g boxed cake mix of Betty Croker Devil's Food Cake Mix (that's half of the box)

80mils of Water

6 Tbl of Low sugar Raspberry Jam

2 Egg Whites

100g of Chocolate

Raspberries for decoration

1 tsp of Dissented Coconut. 


Pre heat the oven to GM 4 or 180 C

Add the egg whites, water and 2 Tbl of jam to the cake mix

Mix with an electric mixer until smooth

Pour into the cake molds, do not over fill the cake molds because this cake rises, about 3/4 full is plenty

Place on the top shelf of the oven for about 23 minutes

You can look into the oven to see if there rising but try not to open the oven as this delays the baking process

Turn out unto a wire rack, (I used the rack from my grill) and allow to cool 

Take a pan of boiling water, lower the heat to simmer of low and in a delph bowl (not a plastic one) break up the chocolate in the bowl and place the bowl untop of the simmering water and allow the chocolate to melt stirring it along the way 

This will take about 6 minutes, remove from the heat, away from the simmering water and allow to cool for about 1 minute

Stir in the 4 remaining Tbl of jam and stir until the jam is mixed thoroughly (if the mixture starts to set place in the microwave for 30 seconds until smooth again. 

Place 1 heart cake onto a plate spoon the jam and chocolate mixture untop, it will set fairly quick and decorate with raspberries and a pinch of coconut.  Remember the entire tsp is sufficient for the ten cakes.

Happy Valentines Days xxx 

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