Saturday, 7 June 2014

The good fart, the bad fart and the fart that never was a fart

Not the best topic, but lets face it, a change in diet can sometimes cause a change in wind and it's something that is said more than what you think. 

In fact, it's that prevalent, Kelloggs are campaigning about saving our stomachs, you heard me, apparently people take days off work because of wind and poop issues and I don't mean a bug, I mean windy weather that causes embarrassment. 

I have to let you all in on a little secret of mine.  Before I get weighed, I have a process that I have to do, otherwise I start to doubt how my week was.  Firstly, I go to the toilet directly before I get on that queue, this is essential, even if I just went 10 minutes before that, I have to make sure that there is no heavy wee.  Then I have a light pair of flip flops, you know the one's that are in hotels to welcome you and there like paper, well then.  Then, directly before it's my turn, I will try to remove as much clothing as legally possible and weather permitting. 

I have done this process for 2 years.  Then, one day I stood on the scales knowing that I had been angelic for the week but I was up half a pound.  Gutted, it was tangible.  My leader jumped in real quick and said that it's possibly wind.  Well it took the wind out of my sails I can tell you. 

I sat on the chair in my class and wondered, how, on this earth could a fart weigh at least 1/2 a freaking pound.  

This had to be false and since then I thought it was just an off week.  However, then the Simple Start came in and I heard from so many people about their windy week's after starting the plan.  Members were laughing but at the same time, apparently could not stop farting. 


It’s a little known fact that a healthy and efficient digestion can help you feel good each day.
That goes for your mind as well as your tummy. By including more natural wheat bran fibre in your diet, your whole body will thank you by saying goodbye to sluggishness and hello to a bran-new you.
Now we have all had the normal fart, the fart that you do and move away from yourself and blame the cat on and then there are the farts that should only happen if your in the appropriate facilities at the time. 

Like Christmas, you eat too much and then you learn what magic Santa uses to go back up the chimney. 

Your not alone, apparently, women especially (I don't believe that at all) summer with Tummy Turmoil because of a lack of fibre.  

So the secret is out, women fart, have bloating and dicky tummies, let's rejoice in it and get this stuff moving. 

Kelloggs are running a 5 day challenge and it's about increasing your fiber intake to help things run along smoothly if you get my drift. 

The very basis of the Simple Start Plan is the fiber content, so apparently, the poop issue is actually a healthy sign that your system is doing exactly what it is suppose to. 

However, if your Propointing and you get that bloated feel, you know the one where you look like your about 5 months pregnant and can't seem to fart yourself back to normal, well that's what this is trying to combat. 

So, if you feel that your farting around on the Propoints plan, why don't you challenge yourself to 5 days to feel All Bran new. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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