Monday, 16 June 2014

The Cost of the Big Fat Ugly Truth of Healthy Skinny


I am not usually a ranter, (unless your my other half and they might disagree) but I have been getting irritated lately and the source of my irritation is this woman.  Not so much her but the nonsense that she can come out with.
Now usually I am not bothered by the likes of her because, really, they just don't bother me because I don't generally hear what there saying but I kept getting her take on obesity in my news feed on fb and it annoyed me that much that I hit the button that said I don't want to see this on my newsfeed.
Yes it got to me that much.
The, oh if you can afford to eat crap you can afford to pay for WeightWatchers yourself, in relation to the NHS footing the bill for morbidly obese people to go to Weightwatchers as it was more effective than other measures that they had tried.
Crap food is cheap.  1 pound of lard is 83c in my local supermarket.  A half pound of a Proactive one is nearly 3 euro.  The BOGGOF (buy one get one free) specials don't generally happen with apples or grapes of bananas. there with biscuits and cakes.
A pack of high fat minced beef is about half the price as the less than 5% fat one. 
Then I started to see a post about 'FAT' people being entitled to be with hot people, even though their fat.  The Beautiful Skinny Doll, fellow WeightWatchers Blogger, whom I love.  It was a post about 'Fat' people and confidence and not pinching themselves if they meet a hottie rather than being with someone that is in their league according to society?  It was interesting but I had to stop and think, are we that shallow as a society or do we, the obese, has been obese or even overweight people project in public what we think of ourselves.
What is the definition of a hottie, I know that I am out of the loop a little on this but I have met men of all shapes and sizes and thought, wow, utter hotties but they didn't come with a criteria. 
Both Hotties
 I have met a lot of women, yes they have weight on them but wow, I mean wow, they have it, I don't know what it is, curvaceous, vivacious, sexy, yes they were damn sexy and no, they were not sexy in a fat way, they were sexy, simple as.
Fat. there term, even that is bugging me, it is now thrown around as a medical term to describe a group of people that has it's own connotations, unhealthy, unsexy, lazy, food gorgers, loners, introverts or shy.  I am none and all of these verbs at different times, but what does Skinny describe.
I didn't join Weight Watchers to be skinny, yes that would be a nice side affect, I thought, I went there to actually start gaining some confidence, to start feeling healthy and to learn how to take control of my life.
Yes, I went to Weight Watchers for me to learn how I could start grabbing life by the reigns so I could start steering my own course.
I wanted sexy and curvaceous, not skinny.  Not that being skinny is not sexy, it can be, but not all skinny people are sexy.
Being healthy costs, money, time, commitment, self control, confidence and moderation, there not cheap, but there effective.  There also sexy, because when you meet that person who has the sexy factor and yet has weight on them, they usually ooze the above.
Now back to the top pictures, Marilyn Monroe, a size 16 in the above photo, smoking hot, Katie Hopkins oozes bitterness and really a lack of insight.
Who would you rather be?
You can bet your life that Nigella works very hard to look like that when her profession is cooking all of those beautiful dishes, it's called moderation, not deprivation.
Get healthy and focus on healthy.  Eating good foods, learning how your body works and keeping active. 
Rant is now over.
Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. FYI Marilyn was a 1950s size 16, given what's happened with dress sizes over the past 60 years that's more like a 12 today.