Monday, 16 June 2014

Summer Food Finds and Propoints Heaven

The sun has got it's hat on, hip hip hip hurrah.  I love the sun and everybody is so much happier when the sun is shining in Ireland.  I was away camping over the weekend in Hidden Valley in Wicklow and it was gorgeous. 

I have been enjoying the freedom of Propoints for the last week, firstly because my portions had grown so big on the Simple Start that I actually needed to pull back and actually look at the amount of food I was consuming.
My line was that because I was training (boxing) so much that I was gaining muscle.  Lets get this straight, I don't have that type of body, because my mouth doesn't close long enough to allow to muscle to set in.
To be honest, I was exercising so that I could eat more, completely undoing any good work that I was trying to achieve. 
Ah well, that is the life of an utter food addict.

Secondly, I really needed to go back to a more free plan, just to suit what was happening in my life.

I love that there is 2 plans, one of full flexibility and one that needs more planning.  It keeps me on my toes and reminds me not to give up, that I just need to switch programmes.
So while relearning portion control, I am loving this freedom.  Yes I am eating less, but I can have little amounts of exactly what I want.
If you are planning a bbq at all this week, I found this range in Supervalu.  There Irish and gluten free and delicious.  Expensive but really tasty.  The bbq sauce works out at 3 Tbl for 1 Propoint and goes so well with a homemade burger.
If you like your burger with a slice of cheese on it, try the Leerdammer LightLife.  It's different and they are rather large slices.  A slice has a propoints value of 1 Propoint for 1 slice or 3 Propoints for 2 slices.
On the breakfast front.
I have been on Simple Start since January and I had gotten very used to porridge or shredded wheat for breakfast but with doing propoints, the breakfast has been the most enjoyable change of scene for me.

In Aldi this week I found these different types of Muesli.  There's Really Nutty, Exotic or Chocolate crunch.  Each 30g has a propoints value of 3 and they are really worth it and there all for under 2 euro.
 Not in the mood for cooking?
When people tell me that it's too hot to eat, I generally think it's like saying, I want banana, cartoons, super hero's, absolutely no sense whatsoever.
However, I do understand not wanting to cook, that is an easy one for me.  That's when the takeaway thing usually happens and I never just have a handful of chips with a salad. 
So here is a freezer friendly meal that is on special in Dunnes Stores for 1euro.
This whole pie works out at 9 Propoints which is great value.  Now I am not usually into ready meals at all but sometimes it's great to have something propoints and pocket safe in the freezer for those, just not in the mood days.
Now go forth and enjoy the sun and lap up the difference a couple of pounds of weightloss can do for your self esteem.
Oh and btw I lost 4lb this week while enjoying everything under the sun, literally.
Just remember how it felt when you were at your heaviest, now smile because your not going back there.

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