Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Knicker and Bra issue

Easter has passed and guess who's trying to hammer out the chocolate that I may have ate (wink wink). I only went a little over my weekly allowance.  Technically my Easter is Good Friday, I'm never that bothered on Easter Sunday, but the Friday torments me.  I just need the sugar on that day.  I think it's a lot to do with temptation and restrictions. 

Black fast, no alcohol and the shops closing early, even though they don't anymore, it's still in my head that they do and I eat out of boredom. 

Anyway's when it comes to eating in excess, I do what I think I can to get it back off and that's exercise.  This exercising has become a huge problem for me. 

Does anyone else have the above problem?

So there I am boxing away, like Katie Tayler (in my head) not in reality.  The lovely sports underwear that I bought became ineffective and I was left looking like the above picture. 

So all the experts recommend activity for anyone with a weight problem, well I have an underwear problem and I don't know what I need to get to fix the problem, but if I continue like this, activity will become dangerous for my health.

It's not just the bra it's Knickers, are there actually sports knickers.  I know this is a random post but I'm at a loss. 

I have mention this before, but my rear quarter moves at a different pace than the rest of my body and it makes me really paranoid, I wish there was a way keep all of the bits in their rightful place. 

I have the other gear but this is the stuff nightmares are made of.   Since my bra decided it was going on extended leave, the only boxing that happened was with myself and I tell you, with shocking coordination, I nearly hammered myself.  It is a boxing club, so there are quiet a number of men there and looking like an octocpus from your chest is not the look that one goes for. 

I am assuming that all of you that run have appropriate underwear, because let's face it, who runs a marathon in underwear that's doing it's own activity? 

Now I have bought a number of underwear items that were good but they seem to be made for people who are already incredibly fit and toned, what I'm looking for is durable underwear for people who do actually have bums and boobs.  Does it exist or should I start making my own? 

I know that you all think I'm a little insane, which of course I am, but surely this problem have arisen for others and the sports industry has noticed? 

Do you have any recommendations for me to work from? 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Hi, being of the not-small chested variety myself, and a runner, I have finally found the pefect combination to keep the twins in place. I put on a sports bra, and then one of those Belvia bras in a medium (size too small but the sports bra is doing its work inside it remember). That ensures I can finish my run without two black eyes and two bruised knees!!!

  2. I got a sports bra in M&S - it is like a piece of construction (it stands up by itself) but has made the world of difference to my exercise.

  3. Sports bra from Debenhams - they have large sizes and great support. Also check out bravissimo website.

  4. Panache do a great sports bra. Available In Arnotts