Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter, the ultimate Sacrifice

My Easter does not include bunnies, chicks, hens, fluffy anything, it's all about the chocolate.  Oh, sorry, it's
 not, I'm a WeightWatchers Leader.  It's all about... yea still chocolate. 

It's everywhere, it's practically airborne, that little bunny in the corner that keep dinging it's little bell at you and looks innocent. 

I'll just have the one, with a half hearted attempt at staying on track. 

Did you know that in other European countries the tradition is that they boil proper eggs that come from a chicken and and then paint them, hide them and then you find them?  That's so much fun, now where did the bunny leave the goods. 

Ok, let's be honest with ourselves, if chocolate is your thing, purgatory will happen imminently.  Yea that's how it works.  

How to stay on track.  

Choice and options and look at the sacrifice and then the reward. 

Chocolate will be everywhere, and you can either try to abstain and hope that it works, you can allocate an amount of your weeklies to getting yourself an Easter egg and enjoying it, or you can go on a binge and see how easy it is to detach yourself from the bunny that is sitting on top of you. 

The choice is yours, but I will say this, you know that feeling that you have when you get stung by a mosquito on holidays and your really trying hard not to scratch and then by accident your nail scratches over the bite and it's like eggstacy running up your body, and then 10 minutes later when you have hacked yourself to bits and your not enjoying it anymore but you can't seem to stop.  Chocolate can have the same effect. 

Know your personality, know your triggers and know your options. 

Cadbury Mini Eggs 1 Pp for 3

Cadbury Caramel Mini Eggs 2 Pp each

Cadbury Cream Eggs Mini 2 Pp each

Lindt Bunny (10g) 2 Pp

Cadbury Caramel Bunnies 3 Pp each

Smarties Figure in pack of 3, 3 Pp each

Aero Bubbly Lamb 4 Pp

Maltesers Bunny 4 Pp

Cadbury Cream Eggs 5 Pp

Cadbury Caramel Egg 5 Pp

Lindt Lindor Egg (33g) 6 Pp

Smarties Egg (90g) Shell Only 10 Pp

Freddo Egg and Teddy 10Pp

Nestle Milky Bar Egg (65g) 10 Pp

Smarties Egg (90g) with Smarties 13 Pp

Cadbury Mini Eggs (100g bag) 13 Pp

Flake Egg (153g) Shell Only 14 Pp

Cadbury's Mini Eggs actual Easter Egg 14 Pp

Crunchie Egg 14

Lindt Bunny (100g) 15 Pp

Maltesers Egg (177g) Shell Only 15 Pp

Flake Egg (153g) with 4 fun size bars 22 Pp

Maltesers Egg (177g) with sweets 24 Pp

Snickers Egg (181g) Shell Only 15 Pp

Mars Egg and bars 37 Pp

Snickers Egg (181g) with bars 27 Pp

Dairy Milk Egg (214g) Shell Only 18 Pp

Dairy Milk Egg (214g) with bars 32 Pp

Cadbury's Creme Egg with mini eggs 37 Pp

Or this could be you!

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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  1. I limit my chocolate to Dark chocolate only. Then I limit that to 6 pieces a day. Most days I can do this. On the ones I don't I spend more time on the Elliptical trainer & do more crunches.