Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The journey is more than the before and after

I often think that the before and after pictures that we see of weight loss, although really inspiring, don't really get the message across. 

It gives the impression, that you started, you were determined at all times and that's why you got to the after picture.  It's not very realistic at all.  Not for me anyway.  I seen an advert for WeightWatchers in Australia recently about how life happens and how WeightWatchers fits into the life and I loved it. 

I hear people quite a lot saying, that there up because life got in the way, which can happen, somebody ill, death and accidents, not only sends your mental health all over the place but often those times, your eating out of vending machines and you just have to do what you need to do at that time. 

However, life will continue on no matter what, weddings, celebrations, holidays, there all going to happen but every occasion should not be a reason to go off track.  They should be the times that you use your food knowledge to make as wise a choice as possible. 

I also get asked a lot, why I never gave up?  truth be known, I'm not sure, because many a time it really would have been easier, less stressful and less worry if I am being honest.   Staying in the devil I knew was at least familiar than grappling with the unfamiliar territory of trying. 

I also get asked a lot if life really is better when you lose the weight and sometimes, because I feel that a lot of us live for what's around the corner, we forget about the moment that were in.  Were always anticipating what's next.  When this happens?  When I get there? 

So when I seen the video of WeightWatchers I thought I would put together my own and see was there really a difference in how I enjoyed life than what I had before.  

It's crazy looking back at old photos and being able to see a pattern of when the weight went on and how that part of my life was tricky but then to see the changes in just normal photo's of family get together's and holidays, highlighted the difference.

I must warn you though, most of the photo's are no make up photo's and really are just what my normal life was and is like.  Please though, forgive the clothing from the 80's, they really were shocking and mixed with hair that has a life all of it's own does not make for easy watching.  

It's what happened inbetween that's the real story.

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Brilliant post - Honest and true post but one I think one can only identify with at the far side of the weight-loss spectrum. When I started off I was so excited to be losing & gaining silver 7s... now I can see the steps and appreciate the journey for what it was.

  2. My Leader recommended watching this video this morning at class. I really enjoy your blog. This post was amazing, so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You are an amazing inspiration to all of us. thank you for sharing, I love love your blog xx

  4. Hi Claire, Just wanted to congratulate you on the brilliant success you are today!! Brilliant post and the film gave both me and my daughter the boost we needed to get back on track. We have had a rollercoaster couple of weeks and have missed meetings etc. but having felt that we need to pick ourselves up again we couldn't have read this post at a better time (I know it's an old one!) Thanks again Claire and we will keep following the blog for more moral support