Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentine's Eating Out in Milano

Eating out can be very tricky, not just because were dependent on self control with what we order, having the ability to look at the best option available but also because we are not sure how the food is cooked and exactly what is in the food that we are eating. 

At my meeting last week, we were discussing eating out and a member told me about the Pollo ad Astra Romana, it's from the Romana pizza range from Milano's and it works out at 22 Propoints.  Apparently it's huge and absolutely delicious. 

The Romano range is a crispy thin base regular pizza range. 

No light, low fat or diet range, just the average thin base pizza. 

So when I heard this information I thought that maybe having a look at the nutritional information would be worth having a look at. 

I was pleasantly surprised. 

Now Milano do have a lighter Leggara range which is what I always ordered from and is gorgeous aswel, only because it was low in Propoints.  

However, upon inspection, Milano have a great range of pasta's and pizza that are great value Propoint wise. 

Now your not really going to get anything from the menu that is Simple Start but if it's a night out and you have your 49, you could have a salad and olives for starters, your pasta or your pizza and a dessert and still have Propoints left for a couple of glasses of wine. 

This has thought me to investigate the restaurants that I go to a lot more thoroughly than I have been because the options and value for propoints are better than I could have imagined.  

Not only is their great options, you can also ask for low fat mozzarella cheese to be used on any pizza or pasta, rather than full fat, which would further reduce the propoints.  You can also order, low fat salad dressings with everything and all sauces come on the side, meaning that you still have control of what your eating.

Pasta Al Forno

Lasagna Classica 17
Lasagna Verde 18
Melanzane Parmigiana 20

Romana Pizza

Romana - Try our Romana pizzas. Bigger, thinner and crispier.

Padana Romana 23
Veneziana Romana 22
Pollo ad Astra Romana 22
Sweetly Nutty 23

Classic Pizza

Margherita 19
American Hot 22
Four Seasons 19

Leggera Pizza

More Toppings - our Leggeras are less than 500 calories

Pollo ad Astra Leggera 11
Padana Leggera 11
Pomodoro Pesto Leggera 11
American Hot Leggera 11


RDolcetti - No room for dessert? Try Dolcetti. Miniature desserts with a coffee.

Rasberry Sorbet Main 4
Rasberry Sorbet Mini 2

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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