Thursday, 13 February 2014

The reluctant exerciser and the winner of the Just Food Competition is?

Firstly, the winner of the Just Food competition is Magicray with "You know you are a weight watcher when you fool yourself into thinking that if you just lick the flavouring off the crisps and don't actually eat them that you don't need to point them - all the flavour but none of the calories I wish !!!!"

This made me laugh out loud, because I have 

definitely done this.

Magicray will you pm me your details so that 

we can send the hamper out to you.

I get it, exercise, is part of losing weight.  Well you see, I don't know if it is part of losing weight because I am sure you can lose weight without activity.  I know this because I did a lot of my weight loss with very little activity.  Although this is not something that I would recommend at all. 

In class this week, the topic of activity.  This is a difficult week for me as a leader.  Firstly, I don't feel like I am the right person to motivate others on their level of activity because quite frankly, I find it very difficult to motivate myself to do it. 

You see I don't like the idea of going to do activity.  I seem to spend that long thinking about doing activity that I would have had it finished and showered by the time that I actually would have had the exercise done. 

The year I started WeightWatchers, I decided that I was going to challenge myself and walk the Flora Women's mini marathon which is 10k.  I did it, in about 2 hours 50 mins and that was walking it.  However, that night, I had tickets to go see Meatloaf.  So as I finished the 10k I had to walk straight down to the old Point Theatre, which I did.  Then Meatloaf decided that he was going to put on a hell of a show, which he did.  A 3 hour show.  Half way through his set, my bum locked and I swear I could not walk with the tiredness. 

I gained a pound that week.  I cried all the way home from WeightWatchers.  To really top the week off, I went home and cried while making dinner.  I was grating carrots and just grated the top of my thumb off, I grated it both up and down.  

When I say that getting to goal took a lot of sweat, tears and blood I really mean it. 

I remember looking at the medal and wondering if it had all been worth it.  I didn't get that sense of achievement because the scales didn't reflect my hard work.  I was told that I was gaining muscle.  I didn't want muscle, I just didn't want fat either. 

After that I did a lot of unstructured exercise, as in, dancing around my sitting room, clean windows shaking my booty like I was Beyonce and walking.  Not power walking, but walking when I could.  It worked.  I got a lot fitter than I could ever remember been but I still didn't have that love of exercise. 

When I imagined getting to goal, I imagined that I would have a gorgeous toned body that I was proud of.  I never imagined the soft bits.  The bits that wobble and really they shouldn't.  They are also the most stubborn bits of your body. 

The arms, bingo or bat wings.  Do you look for long sleeve tops or dresses? 

The bum, mine is the most fat removing resilient bottom.  It's just soft. 

The tummy.  It's like a plastic bag.  If you buy a brand new plastic bag and open it, put your shopping into it.  You can never get it to go back to the way it was.  The tracks of it's use will always be there. 

I remember reading somewhere at the start of my weight loss journey to target the bits you want to improve.  Now, really how does one target their whole body?  

I don't have the discipline to get up and go do exercise all by myself.  Much the same as my weight loss, I need to be accountable to someone else for my own progress.  Firstly though, I needed to allow someone to be that accountable person. 

Finding that person for me was very hard.  I mean, who do you want looking at you sweating and breathing like your lung is going to pop up through your mouth and bite the other person. 

I always felt that gyms were for the beautiful people, I know, it's not the reality but in my head it was and I wasn't part of that set up. 

Also, I always felt that the trainers thought I should know what I was doing.  I hadn't a breeze.  My coordination skills are shockingly bad and disorientated. 

So the very last place I should be in is a boxing club.  I know, the left and right issue plus other people and then hitting each other and me.  Not the best combination. 

What happened?  It's rough and ready.  No messing and their are no hiding places.  I can usually find somewhere to hide but not in the boxing club.  A ring only has 4 corners. 

I also realised something.  Those that look like they really know what they are doing, don't care about how they look while their doing it.  If your not sweating, your not doing it.  

Do I now love exercising, well I enjoy it more than I have ever done before, I still have to push myself to do it though. 

It's such a slow progress.  Five months of training and I have about an extra 5 inches of toning but I do feel stronger.  

It's crazy because I usually come out of training with more energy than I went in with. 

Eventually I will post pics of my before and after exercise photos. When I'm braver than I am now. 

For anyone starting their journey and feel that exercise is way to much for them.  Look at what your starting point is and look at a goal that you want to achieve.  Say, walking a certain distance, a 5k, 10k whatever it is, just do it. 

Remember what your working for, remember why you started and remember that your worth it and when your at goal, you will thank yourself for sweating. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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