Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pancake Tuesday

Seriously in some countries it is actually called Fat Tuesday and It's nearly here, it's next week.  What's your plans for pancake Tuesday, will you indulge or abstain? 

I have tried to abstain.  It was my first year in WeightWatchers and I was on placement from college and the placement as a treat made pancakes, and then smothered them in Rolo Ice cream topped with actual rolo's. I cried, with envy. 

I think it's the mixes that you can have, butter and sugar, the real thing, nutella and walnuts, jam and coconut or even worse a melted Mars bar, ok I am stopping now. 

I have made various different WeightWatchers friendly pancakes over the years, some have just left me longing and others were rather nice actually.  However, that is great when you actually have the time to make them yourself, which doesn't take long but it still needs time. 

This year I went on the hunt for pancake mixes that were a little better and I could whip them up quicker.  I am usually all for making your own but this year is just flying in, I mean I still have a financial hangover from Christmas and yet it's nearly March?  

I got lucky.  I found a great find, no It's not Simple Start but it wont cost you that much either. 

There Irish and available in most supermarkets. So here is the best information. 

The whole 400g pack works out at 13 WeightWatchers Propoints.  Now, you could make 12 medium sized pancakes at 1 Propoint each or 6 large pancakes at 2 Propoints each.   

Could you get better for a proper size pancake?  I don't think so. 

You could make the 12 medium sized pancakes and melt a treat size mars bar and smother it on it and all for 3 Propoints. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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  1. hi, just wondering where i can purchase the pancake mix. thanks a mill