Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Competition Time

Just Food Company
Well the weather is beyond miserable, in fact it's depressing, however, this week is my blog anniversary.  I'm 2 years old this week and what a 2 years it's been. 

The good people over at The Just Food Company have very generously given me a hamper of their products to give away. 

photo 3 tiers HiLo

The Just Food Company places a high emphasis on nutrition and taste and developed a new range of soups based solely on using good nutritious foods.  

You can find out all of the information on the soups here

So what do you have to do to win this hamper of nutritious goodies? 

Well I have spoken recently about how body shaming in my opinion was not a good motivator tool,  then yesterday I seen a post on facebook that was titled "you know your a WeightWatcher when"  and it had a list of 13 things WeightWatchers members do. 

I want something a bit of fun and also some honesty.

So to win the hamper, I want you to write on this post something that you have done that really highlighted to you that you are a Weight Watcher. 

For instance, mine would be, "I knew I was a Weight Watcher when I stopped using baby wipes to clean chocolate off of my children's fingers, I licked the chocolate off and wondered later if I should Propoint it".

This is a bit of fun and a celebration of the blogs birthday and a new healthy, tasty, Irish product going on the market. 

The competition closes on Friday evening at 10 pm and the winner will be announced on Monday.  The winner will be chosen on the bases of the slogan that makes me laugh most. 

Competition is open to everyone in the Republic of Ireland and to Northern Ireland. 

Good Luck. 

Just Food Company

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. You know you're a weightwatcher when you end up with a plate full of tiny shreds of meat from trying to make sure you weigh out your EXACT PP worth...

  2. You know your a weight watcher when you weigh your trousers to figure out the lightest pair before you go to get weighed in ;)

  3. You know you're a weight watcher when the first thing you grab every morning *and the first thing to go into the handbag* is your tracker and a pen....and a PP snack...


    You know when you're a weight watchers (or me) when you realise you have to go out for dinner in some random place and you spend about 3 hours googling to make sure you can order the lowest possible PP dish


  4. You know your a weight watcher when your food scales has prime real estate on your kitchen counter and isnt hidden in the back of the press :)

  5. You know you're a weight watcher when you have scraps of paper everywhere in your bag with what you have eaten on it and the amount of points it cost because you forgot to bring your food diary with you when you went out!

  6. You know you are a weight watcher when you fool yourself into thinking that if you just lick the flavouring off the crisps and don't actually eat them that you don't need to point them - all the flavour but none of the calories I wish !!!!

  7. You know you are a weigh watcher when you individually wipe the grease off every Mc Donald's chip, by the third one they are freezing cold and taste just like a napkin too. I still eat them though

  8. You know you are a weight watcher when you fondly refer to it as WW and your face drops when the bar man gives you sprite (not sprite zero) to mix with your glass of wine. Ahhh!!!

  9. you know your a weight watcher when you now realise the damage you did lying to yourself for years when you believed you didn't have to count crisps / chips you rob from your husbands plate!

  10. also - because you believed that maltesers were so light they couldn't possibly have calories