Friday, 17 January 2014

What breads are we talking about?

So the new Simple Start is well underway and the results are terrific. 

The main question that I am getting is to do with the breads that is allowed on the plan and how sustainable is Simple Start. 

Firstly, Simple Start in it's entirety is not a long term plan.  It is a kick start after the new year, to shed the excess that most of us gained over the silly season. 

The Simple Start is replacing the Filling & Healthy plan, but you will have your 49 weekly allowance as per the Filling & Healthy plan. 

If you don't like this plan, change, that's what the Propoints plan is there for. 

WeightWatchers has always provided a choice because people are different and will have varying needs.  WeightWatchers did push the new plan, because we do like our members to try new things. 

WeightWatchers is in Ireland over 50 years, imagine what it would be like if WeightWatchers never changed? It changes because food evolves, people evolve and information evolves.  The plan changes to match the changes happening in society, eating habits and because of scientific research. 

WeightWatchers is not a one horse pony, whereby the one shoe fits all, it will always have variety, but as a WeightWatchers member and leader, I also need variety and to shake up my eating habits. 

We are creatures of habit!  

Many of us on a night out will start the night out by using one particular toilet, for no reason, and then we will try to use that same one again, why?  well because it is how we operate. Habit is our comfort zone, our comfort zone is our safe place, but is our safe place really where we are comfortable?  Are you comfortable in your own skin all the time? 

The Simple Start is simple, if you allow it to be. 

Bread is an integral part of lunch meal in Ireland and this has caused some confusion over which one's we should be eating. 

Below is a list of what at present is on the plan.  I say at present because, just like WeightWatchers that shakes things up with their plan, food products change nearly on a yearly basis, therefore this list is what is on the plan now. 

Kingsmill Crumpets

McCloskey's Crumpets

Hovis Crumpets

Sunblest Crumpets

Country Kitchen Bagel Slims 
The multiseed & cereal 

Country Kitchen Sandwich Slims 

Pat the Baker Multiseed Slims 

The WeightWatchers Products are as follows 

Sliced Brown Bread


Petite Pain 

There is a lot there to work from, the end of the world has not happened with the introduction of different bread types into the plan.  All of the WeightWatchers products are currently on sale for half price in Dunnes Stores, so you might want to get them on sale this week or they are always available in Dealz for E1.49 per pack. 

If your finding it difficult to locate any of these products, as you local store manager to get them in for you, or if your not that confident, email your local supermarket.  That's how I get them into my local shop. 

With this in mind, my 2 classes this week had a total weight loss of over 10 stone, so the proof is in getting rid of the pudding.  

If you need a good kick start, do Simple Start, if it's not your thing and it's not working for you, stick to Propoints. 

Most of all, eat the healthy foods that you enjoy. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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