Friday, 17 January 2014

Simple Start Jam

Love and marraige, go together like a horse and carraige, as does jam and crumpets. 

I like the crumpets, but not dry, pre WeightWatchers day, a crumpet must have butter melting and lashings of jam.  Not very WeightWatchers friendly. 

If your are using the crumpets as part of something sweet, try this jam. 

So simple and so delicious, this was given to us from head office and I have to say, it is worth the 10 minutes it takes to make. 

If you are new to cooking and need to make something simple to help your sweet tooth while on Simple Start, try this jam. 

I have been toasting my crumpets and spreading the WeightWatchers butter on top and spreading some of this jam. 

This way, the entire treat is no count on Simple Start and also 0 Propoints if your counting.  Win -Win.

WeightWatchers Simple Start 
WeightWatchers Propoints 0
Serves - 20
Makes 1 jam jar


4 punnets of Raspberries 
1 sachet of Sugar Free Raspberry Jelly 


Firstly, using an old jam jar, ensure that it is clean, using boiling water. 

In medium pot over a low to medium heat, add the fruit.  Stir and mash for about 10 minutes until the it is runny.  Turn off the gas and allow the fruit to cool slightly.  Once luke warm, sprinkle the jelly sachet onto the fruit and stir to combine. 

Pour the fruit and jelly mix into the jam jar and place the lid on tight.  Allow to cool completely and then place in the fridge and use when you need it. 

This jam will last up to 10 days in the fridge. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Where do you get the crumpets? Can't find them

    1. I got the crumpets in Dunnes Stores, if your having difficulty getting them, ask in your local shop and they might be able to get them in for you.

  2. I made this using some frozen strawberries and a strawberry jelly sachet and it worked out quite nice. A bit tangy but lovely on a toasted crumpet!!

  3. It is a little tangy from the bare fruit but it makes such a nice change from just crumpets, it does feel more satisfying