Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Simple Start Flavor Boosters

I just love the flavor boosters on the Simple Start program.  The fact the stock cubes are on the list made me very happy.  I know I have little to worry about if I am so happy over a stock cube but it does make eating Filling and Healthy foods so much easier.  

Yes we are all watching our weight and trying to reduce it but that does not mean that we have to slim down on flavor.  I have noticed a lot this year that while I am eating my lunch, people that are on the new years resolution are eating what they consider healthy meals and you can tell that if looks like they are eating saw dust just by the way they are eating it.  How long do you think that will last? 

Look at it this way, the reason why we want to lose weight is generally because we are over weight.  The reason that we are over weight is because we enjoy our food.  If we eliminate all flavor from our food we wont enjoy eating, nope, it doesn't work like that.  If you eliminate all flavor from your food, it means that you are not enjoying your food, but how long will that last when you have all flavorsome foods surrounding you everywhere? 

If you look at the food that you do actually enjoy, think of the flavors that you like and look at what you have on hand that's on the program that will bring out those flavors, you won't feel like your missing out.  You will feel satisfied.  The longer your satisfied, that longer you will stick with the program, making the likelihood of you getting to goal more realistic. 

Boring food makes for a boring life, nobody wants that, so enhance it, with flavor boosters. 

Here's what I use to enhance my food.  I generally do use just a shake of the seasonings.  If your worried about the amount of salt in the boosters, check them out, read the labels and look for the reduced salt versions of your favorite. 

Nearly all of these can be bought in Tesco, yes you can get them in other shops, but you can get all of the brands in Tesco. 

Oxo cubes, for mince dishes, i crumble a beef cube over the mince while it's cooking, add a tiny amount of water and you have yourself a light gravy.  The only one that you can't get in Ireland is the lamb, but lamb is not on the Simple Start list, so problem eliminated. 

Find out about Stock Cubes

These are new out.  Tesco definitely have these, as that's where I bought them today.  They really do make a real difference to your meet.  The Garlic and Herb one on chicken is beautiful. 

These are the best thing since slice bread, it gives an instant boost of flavor to any dish.  There are calories in these spices as they are spice mixes but you don't need a whole lot of it.  
Special Blend Garlic ItalianSpecial Blend Piri PiriSpecial Blend Classic BBQSpecial Blend Thai 7 Spice

Special Blends Season All

For you Mexican meal. 

This is an SS flavor booster.  This actually makes up a little sauce aswel and its gorgeous.  If you like your Mexican really spicy add some extra chili and some cumin.  

Your kebab

This is what goes on your kebabs, chipper or not, it's one of the ingredients used to make up your doner.  Fry off some stir fry beef strips and then add a tablespoon of this and stir.  It's delicious and transforms your meal.  


Soups, stews, one pot meals, I use them all the time.  Simple to use, easily available, why would you not use them.  There is also a reduced salt version available. 

Aromat Seasoning

This is my absolute favorite.  There is always one family ingredient that has been used in your house forever.  Well, this is what we love in my house, I sprinkle this on chips, soup mix, meats you name it I will use it on almost anything. 

Exactly what it says on the tin.  Sprinkle it on your steak, mist with spray oil and fry, absolutely gorgeous.

The Green Saffron range.  I wrote a blog post on these a while back.  This is for the Indian food lovers out there and there based in Cork.  These really are full of flavor and are just a mix of herbs and spices.  The directions on the pack does say to add oil and coconut milk.  Get your thinking cap on?  Replace the amount of oil with your daily allowance,  you could use coconut oil and then just use natural yogurt and milk and you have a complete Simple Start Indian meal. 

The flavor boosters are out there in the shops, you just need to put your thinking cap on and start looking at the ingredients.  

Make Simple Start work for you. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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