Monday, 16 December 2013

Let's Party

Canapes, mini everything's can sometimes amount to a lot.   There is a lot more get together's in other people's houses this year, I suppose the recession has hit us all, but there will be no baa humbugs here. A lot of the time the cheapest of foods can be the highest in Propoints.  Those mini snacks can give you big love handles come January.  Let's face it, January can be such a depressing month without the added stress of looking at our indulgence sitting on our hips reminding us of our downfall. 

Not to fear, Aldi have a range of party food out that is quite low in Propoints and well worth the money. 
The only problem with anything like this for me is that I have trigger happy.  I develop a twitchy hand that just keeps picking them up and then they just seem to jump into my mouth.  

Bear in mind old habits die hard, so choose wisely with what you buy. 

1 Pp each or 2 for 3. These are actually E2 so good value. 

1 for 1 pp and only E1.50

2 for 1 pp 

1 for 1 pp 

They also have a whole range and I have tasted some of them and they really are tasty.  So if your looking for some nice treats for your own house party that wont cost you a fortune money wise or propoints wise, have a look in 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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