Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Trifle

Many of you may know by now that my favorite dessert is Trifle.  Christmas to me is Trifle.  

I don't care about the dinner at all once there is trifle for dessert I'm sorted.  Trifle can cost you up to 15 propoints, as much as I love it, I think 15 may be taking it a little too far.  

This little cutie is nowhere near that and its gorgeous.  I have 3 different type.  One using sponge, one with fingers and one with Sherry. 

Here is the most basic 

Weightwatchers Propoints per Serving 2
Weightwatchers Propoints per Recipe 10
Serves 4


1 Sachet of Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly (Raspberry is nice and festive) made up as per pack instructions
1 Small carton of Low Fat Ambrosia Custard 
120g of Weightwatchers Fresh Cream 
2 Cadburys Flakes 
4 tsp of sprinkles


Made up the jelly as per instructions, however I like jelly jelly, so I usually mix the powder with 200mls of boiling water and stir and then add 500mls of cold water or 7Up free if you like it even sweater, and it tastes like proper jelly.  

Pour the jelly into 1 large bowl or 4 individual bowls and place in the fridge and allow to set overnight.  When set pour 1 Tbl of custard over the jelly.  Ontop of that pour 30g which is 2 measured Tbl of Weightwatchers Fresh Cream.  
Break the Flakes in half and sprinkle the halves over each individual bowl and top with a tsp of sprinkles. 

Serve and enjoy. 

If you choose to have sponge or fingers, I do. 2 of the Tesco Fingers works out at 1 propoint or half of the Tesco Sponge is also 1.  

So just add 1 extra propoint for this.  

Or you like sherry, divide 50mls of sherry between the bowls and add some berries to the mix and allow the berries to soak up some of the sherry.  

Then break up your fingers or sponge on top and then pour the jelly over it.  Proceed with the directions for the basic jelly then.  This will give you a propoints value of 4 for the sherry Trifle using all of the ingredients. 

Also I will give you a tip.  If you cannot get the Weightwatchers Fresh cream as it seams to have disappeared, use Goodalls Marshmallow Fluff.  2 measured Tbl works out the same as the cream. 

Or you could use Dream Topping.  The whole pack works out at 9 Propoints, which would be 2 propoints per serving but it is delicious. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Trifle looks delish, will definitely be trying that over the festive period :) Huge congratulations on your weight loss and look forward to seeing you in the Weight Watchers supplement xx

  2. Thank you, it was actually a great experience and I do hope that you enjoy the trifle. My favorite is without sherry but with fingers or sponge. Yum. :-)

  3. Love to try this! Is this a new way to celebrate a New Year? Well, I think I would try this today and refresh myself for a little while. Thanks for sharing your menu.