Thursday, 12 December 2013

The top foods to avoid this Christmas

Were in full Christmas mode at the moment and the indulgence is flying all around us.  Every now and then a snowball has to hit us in the face, it's unpreventable at this time of year. 
So how do we keep either half way on track at this time of year. 

Well here's a list of foods to definitely avoid for your health.  These are the worst produce out their, these will not help you in the slightest and probably just make it a whole lot harder to get back on the WeightWatchers wagon, once the most notoriously famous obese man in world leaves us all for another year. 

So when doing your Christmas shopping bear this in mind. 

Scraping the barrel, not exactly a food item, but have you ever eaten the remainder of a tin of Roses, even the ones that you don't like, just because? Why?  who knows but you crave something so badly that you would eat stuff that you don't like, just because?  

If your going to over indulge, at least let it be something that you actually want to eat and get some pleasure from.  What is the point otherwise.  

In for a penny so in for the pounds, literally. 

So you have a weekend or 3 days at Christmas and you go right off the track completely, as in you wouldn't have enough pages on your Tracker to even track 2 days.  You enjoyed them, you have behaved in the same way that the majority of society behave at Christmas. 

Then your on day 5.  Your thinking, I have been so bad that there is no point in stopping.  

You think about your weight loss while eating a mince pie.  Your disappointed with yourself while eating cold stuffing from the fridge. 

Stop.  If you have 3 bad days, so what, then get back on it, it's when the bad stays to linger and you don't know why you can't stop yourself and it's starting to set in on you. 

The unhappy eating. 

You've been very good all year, you have tried hard.  It's Christmas, you enjoy a super indulgence but you have enjoyed it and your smiling, because you know that you still have the ability to get back on track, your just taking a holiday and then you will need routine..  

It's when your still eating and your not happy because of what you are eating.  Then you need to get back on track.  You feel that you have let all your good work go to waste.  You have had a relapse and feel that you have overdosed.  Crap happens, move on and move more. Don't sweat it over a piece of indulgence. 

Guilty eating got no feeling. 

Yes it's corny, it's wham but they had a point.  A little goes a long way.  So a little of what you fancy will put a smile on your face, but when there are no boundaries and your at a free for all and your not happy because you know the damage it's going to do to your self esteem.  Stop.  Throw it out.  You are worth more than guilt. 

We are masters at holding on to guilt and then allowing it to become our self destruct button.  Nervously wondering if we can hang on to our self determination or just take the leap and press our self destruct button. 

This is the most dangerous type of eating you can do over the Christmas. 

Christmas is a celebration of religion, family, friends, children or just some time out from the maddnes.  Don't ruin it with this type of eating. 

Enjoy your food. Relax, indulge a little, but don't let that turn into your Gremlin, because gremlins grow and you will end up paying for these for a lot longer than it took to swallow these unhealthy foods. 

Plan your treats and choose wisely so that you really feel that you are having a treat.  Make realistic goals, not far fetched one's that are hard to reach but goals whereby you can say, hey I went over my allowance, but I went for that extra walk and I plan another walk tomorrow. 

Remember, while walking through a battle field, damage control is important.  

Plan your damage control. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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