Friday, 29 November 2013

What will you be eating during the Toy Show?

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My Before and After through snow women
So today is the day, the Toy Show.  I am well aware that I am an overgrown child, but it's my tradition.  

Also the tradition was to get a selection box to eat while watching the Toy Show.  However, these little snowmen are my before and after and I want to be sure that the smaller, curvy snow woman is my after, rather than "before" Christmas. 

Rather than depriving myself, I now just moderate what I have for such a traditional event in my house. 

This weekend is my husbands 30th party on Saturday and my nerves are really kicking in, but I have tried the dress on and I still love it but actually I think it sits better on me now due to the toning that I have managed to do since starting the boxing classes.  

Here's hoping that by Monday it's still like that.  You see I will have visitors from this afternoon up on till Monday and the party in the middle aswel as the Toy Show. 

With everything been a bit hectic this weekend, I have really planned and I'm hoping that it will pay off.   

So to start me off I have looked at some of the best value Christmas chocolate treats. 

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Aldi's finest Lebkuchen, I absolutely adore the little chocolate nut one's that's on the right, but they are all delicious.  

There is a mix of Stollen and gingerbread. The gingerbread is my favorite.  Each biscuit has a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 1 or you get 2 for 3 Propoints. 

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Mr. Kipling Christmas French Fancies.  Each fancy has a propoints value of 3.  Not bad if you need to bring something into the office as a treat, everyone can eat them and be none the wiser that you are still trying to look after your weight!

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Cadbury's Mini Selection Box.  I bought these in the Euro Shop and I got 4 of them for 5.00 euro.  This whole selection box will cost you 12 Weight Watchers Propoints.  It's good value, which means that you can have your sweet treat and still have some weeklies left over. 

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These are small little mini selection boxes.  These work out at 24 Pro points per box, there is 9 bars  in the Cadbury's one and 10 bars in the Malteaser one.   I got these in Tesco.  There good value and at least you can identify what you have eaten from them. 

For the crisp lover out there, these are delicious and each pack has a Propoints value of 3.  I love the sweet chilli one's and I definitely feel that they are worth it.  I bought these in a 6 pack in Tesco.

12 of these sweets work out at 1 Propoints, however, the tube just contains lots of Jelly Tots so only open them if you are planning on sharing them. 

These are 1 for 1 Propoint.  Again, great for the office or work but only if your sharing them.  However, there is nearly always one of these floating around somewhere at this time of year. 

Don't by in quantity because if it's in the house, you will know they are there.  Don't torture yourself.  Instead of thinking that there is chocolate in the house that you should be eating.  Get one of these and then say I know that I have my treat in the house and I wont be feeling guilty about it. 

Don't allow yourself to be badgered by a Mrs. Doyle with the "Ah go on, go on, go on"  you know you could, that's why we are all in WeightWatchers, so learn to say no.  Eat it if you really want to and your going to enjoy it, don't eat it to please someone else. 

Enjoy it, that's what a treat is.  Bare in mind, if you do what you have always done before, it will warrant the same results.  Change what you do and you will change the results. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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