Monday, 18 November 2013

Do I really look like that?

You may remember a few a weeks ago I told you all about the advert I participated in for WeightWatchers, well here is the actual video of the shoot. 

It has already been played during the ad break for Get off the Couch and will be running as an ad on the internet, such as the Irish Daily Mail website and other banners aswel. 

I have to say that it was an amazing day, and the other ladies were so nice, really lovely down to earth people but we were all so nervous on the day.  We were all really giddy getting our hair and make up done but then we all got so nervous when it came to actually doing the shoot, but so supportive. 

The night before (last minute as ever with me) I decided to go shopping for something to wear for the shoot and I ended up so flustered.  I love shopping, but I dislike being fussed and in the end, I walked up to Dunnes Stores in the Ashleaf Centre and bought the dress and shoes in under 10 minutes. 

I so wish So Sue Me would show me what I'm supposed to wear as I am a complete and utter misfit.  

The funny part about it is, in the ad I say that "life is so much more fun living in colour rather than hiding behind black" and here I am writing this when I notice that the majority of the dress was black.  

The difference was, it was a size 10 and I chose to buy it because I liked it and not because I was hiding in it. 

I'm not sure if it is just a me thing but I really do love the colour black but before, it was my safety net, my cushion but now I wear it because of different reasons.  Such as, the little black dress really is a little black dress, not a size 26 dress.  

Shopping is more risky now, because the variety and options confuses me plus I actually do spend more money now than what I did then, or it was just that a spent a fortune on clothes that I wasn't that keen on then and now I spend a fortune on clothes I love and just have nowhere to wear them. 

The one thing that I noticed with this was that I focused on what they were all saying and I forgot to look at the before pictures, so I went back and really focused on them and wow, what a difference.  

It was then that I realized how much we have all changed because of joining WeightWatchers and losing the weight.   

I would not recognize any of the women from their before pictures at all. 

I also looked at this video and wondered did my legs really look like that.  Certain body parts on me never seen the light of day and my legs were one of them and in the 2 shoots that I have been in, my legs were out and I'm really not sure they should be? 

I think no matter what size we are, there will always be body parts that we are just not the keen on at all. 

My upper arms, oh the paranoia when it comes to my upper arms and then my legs? but I do like that 100 times more now than I ever did now. 

So if your thinking to yourself that it's just not worth the hassle and your asking yourself would it really make that much of an impact on your life?  It will!

This video is what persistence looks like. 

This video is of people who fell off the wagon, jumped back on, fell off again and got back on it. 

"In times of doubt, close your eyes, imagine what you would look and feel like in one years time, open your eyes, now get back to work on the new you

It's difficult to remember the feelings of old me, some are very clear, but my body perception and my thinking on ever changing it is very fuzzy, but I do remember thinking that I could never be slender. 

So if I don't really remember being in that frame of mind, and I look at how I changed it, not through always having motivation but just continuing, imagine what the possibilities are for the future? Maybe I will grow to like the parts of my body that I dislike now.  

Not by accepting it, but by changing it. 

Let me know what you think of the clothes. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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  1. Love the clothes and your legs look great. You are a true inspiration.