Thursday, 14 November 2013

Slender Choice

Delicious Taster Pack                      

Don't we all have the greatest intentions to cook from scratch and to freeze left overs so that there is always a fresh supply of healthy food available to us? 

Well, sometimes you just come in from work starving and you really just want something to throw into the microwave and your off.  Days like these happen to us all and really how do we cope with them?  

Speed dial to the local take away?  and then you feel like if your in for a penny your in for the pound literally. 

Slender Choice is an Irish company and they have some delicious meals that you can literally just throw in the microwave and there very low on Propoints aswel. 

Slender Choice kindly sent me out a selection of their products and I have enjoyed tasting them.  This week in class we were looking at winter warmers, soups and stews. 

That's all great if you have them cooked but if your in a rush and want a nice quick meal, these are well worth having on hand. 

I have seen these in Superquin and there also available on 

Leek and Black Pepper Sausages 

Really thick juicy sausages with a lovely kick to them and they don't shrivel up when you cook them either.  
Two weeks ago I posted this picture on facebook, 

Photo: This is the fat off sausages that I cooked in the actifry. It was for a party and I didn't go to clean it till last night.  Now that's a visual.

This is what was left after cooking normal full fat sausages in the Tefal Actifry. 

However, after cooking the Slender Choice sausages, this was the result,

Inline images 1

Now that is a serious difference.  

These sausages worked out at 1 sausages for 2 WeightWatchers Propoints or 2 sausages for 3 PP. 

Cosy Cottage Pie

Delicious and tummy warming and with a Propoints value of 8 and that's 450g so it is substantial. 

Cheeky Chicken & Sweet Potato

This works out at 7 PP, this is excellent value for the meal that's in it. 

Hearty Beef Stew

For 8 PP it definitely hits the spot and does exactly what a stew is meant to do, warm you from the inside out. 

Beef Burgers

Premium Irish Beef Burger (2 pack)

Gluten free and again, they don't shrink when you cook them.  3 PP for each burger. 

Chicken Curry

This comes with the rice and it really is tasty, if you were looking for an alternative to a Saturday night take away and you weren't in form for cooking, this would cost you 12 PP and it really is tasty and I was actually full afterwards.  If this was you treat, you would have saved a lot of Propoints. 

It's great to see an Irish company doing so well and that actually excelled in a range of healthy options food.  If you always like to have something in your freezer for those just in case scenarios, I definitely recommend that you have one of the Slender Choice products at hand. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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