Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WeightWatchers Just Get Lost!

Have you reached the point where you just feel like screaming "I'm not doing WeightWatchers anymore"
Good, that means your going through the process. 

After being on WeightWatchers for 5 years losing my weight and still nearly 2 years on, I have to tell you that I have screamed this in my head so many times.  

However, since people in my area know I'm a leader I have heard this more than what I have ever said to myself.   So I'm going to be blunt about it.  WeightWatchers is a process and this sentence identifies different stages of WeightWatchers, embrace it, deal with it but don't just give up. 

So you join WeightWatchers, you become sergeant major when it comes to food, your motivated and feeling the healthy buzz.  Then you become the accountant, toting up your propoints and checking everything that you put into your mouth.  This goes on for about 6 weeks and then a party comes up.  Am I a party pooper or do I go and just let my hair down? 

You go on a mad one because it has been long anticipated.  Your in bits the next day, you eat your body weight in carbs to help.  That evening you eat out of guilt.  I'm done, I failed. 

Your on WeightWatchers, your determined, you've lost 1 stone 5 lbs, your in the swing of it, your activity levels have increased 10 fold, your working hard.  2 weeks in a row, your up.  This isn't working, I'm so disappointed, I'm done. 

Or your working hard, you have discovered how your body works in relation to weight loss.  Your persistent and  liking the changes.  Someone you know joins WeightWatchers and all of a sudden your doing it all wrong.  They get it and you have things way off.  There in success mode and your only losing a half pound a week.  Oh no, there now in my class and the other classes don't suit me.  I'll do it at home. 

Get over it. 

Crap happens in every aspect in life.  Failure in WeightWatchers is not gaining a pound, or a stone, it's quitting.  Not trying. 

I'm happy the way I am.  Really? If yes, great but if deep down it's not the truth, change it. 

WeightWatchers is a process.  It's a process because your changing and where there is change, there is resistance.  Where all very happy in our comfort zone, safe warm and knowing that we understand it.  Is the comfort zone where you buy your clothes? in your doctors surgery? in a nightclub? in your love life? When you look in the mirror? 

Firstly, be a WeightWatcher for yourself, not for someone else, or to win.  Don't think that going on a binge is the end, or stopping for a while and starting back with more weight is failure. 

WeightWatchers works, I am living proof of it, am I brilliant all of the time, oh yes, I am an angel, with devil horns that appear when I least want them to but do I stop and think, well now that's me done, because I need to get a loan of at least 3 people's Weekly Propoints. No, I write it off and think, right, If I continue like that I know where I will be and I wasn't happy there. 

Being over weight can be a dark place for us.  I wore black constantly.  My dad would always ask " are you going to a funeral"  my response was "maybe I am" very Johnny Cash of us but lets face it, Johnny Cash was no ray of sunshine and had his own battles and my wardrobe was Johnny Cash.  Did I cry all the time, no, was I upset all the time, no but I hid in my own comfort zone with a fear of anything new or different.  

I found out that by slowly losing weight, slowly Johnny Cash was being made redundant, I was going through the process of change and I was scared for a lot of it and a lot more changed than just my weight, I did, my friends, my normal daily life changed, but I can say now it was one of the best changes that I have ever made.

Forget the begrudgers, the know it all's, the "I think you have lost enough weight" people, but most of all stop listening to the doubt in your head which you give way to much brain space to, if doubt is not paying you any rent, it's squatting so evict it.  Stick with the process.  Remember, it's a tried and tested program that suits millions all over the world, if it's not working for you at the moment, stop, read the material and be honest and it will. 

It works,  if you work it. 

Imagine yourself, a year from now if you work it.  Now imagine yourself a year from now if you quit. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Thank you for this piece! It has really inspired me where I was at the point of thinking i'm so fed up with it all!! 25lbs off and 11 to go to goal!! x

  2. This is, without doubt, the best WW post I've read in a long long time! Thank you for this!

  3. Great post, very well written and so true :)

  4. Just fantastic!!! An entry I think every WW member needs to read!

  5. Definitely needed this, big inspiration and motivation. Thank you!

    J x


  6. What a great post - really honest and truthful and totally relates to the way I am feeling at the moment so kick up the bum and back to basics. Thanks once again for keeping me going
    Georgia x

  7. Thanks for the motivation to carry on.....

  8. Having lost 2.5 stone and being 1 stone away from goal..... I have struggled for the past 6 weeks to get back on track with my weight loss. This post was fantastic and has made me see that it is just another hurdle to jump over. I have jumped over so many already that I do not want to quit now.
    Thank you for the wake up and reassurance :)

  9. Thanks for this so far to date I lost 4st 9.5lbs since the second week in January this year I lost 3lbs last week and it was my biggest loss I had in months I was so over the moon with myself and this week I weighed in and I was up 1.5lbs in shocked to here it as I was never up that much anytime any time I was up it was a half pound so I now have 7.5lbs left to goal I really hope its not going to be like a yo yo now up and down it will really take the good out of it for me I have everyone tell me I how great I look and to stop now you don't need to lose anymore but im so close to getting there don't want to feel like im a quitter as im not going to quit on this iv come so far as I do know and I really want my gold card :) it will make me very happy your blogs give me so much motivation as does all the people on the weight watchers site there just great when I read this blog today I just had to reply to it :) keep up your great work (Y) regards Catherine xx

  10. Excellent piece, especially the chart, I recognise myself in the squigly one. Mary