Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Food Finds

Some food finds for this week. 

I have to tell you that I will be on my best behavior over the next few weeks because my husbands 30th birthday party is coming up in 6 weeks time and I really want to go there feeling top of the world, especially because I will be wearing a dress that is definitely not my usual style and I'm a bit nervous about it because it's a little on the short side for me. 

Anyway, these are to help you out in the run up to Halloween.  All the sweets lying around are just far too much temptation for me to handle so now I only buy what has a fairly low Propoints value, even if it is for the kids.  See, when the kids go to bed, I don't want to be the one hoovering up all the junk food. 

Anyways here's the Food Finds.

Use these as a nachos rather than buying the real one's.  These are rather large and each one has a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 1. Break it up and it's lovely.  I got these in Tesco for E1.45 roughly. 

Tesco own brand Stevia, it wont cost you any propoints unless you use a whole lot, apparently it's better for you and this was the cheapest one that I have found.  It cost E2.88 which is a lot lower than some of the brands.

I love this for desserts.  I love it in a trifle.  I cannot find the WeightWatchers Thick Cream anywhere at the moment so this is definitely handy.  If you make this up with Slimline milk, the whole thing made up works out at 9 Propoints, but if you were to divide that into 4 portions, it's 2 Propoints. 

I found these in Dunnes Stores, I can't remember the exact price but each mini Tortillas has a Propoint value of 2.  These would be brilliant if you were having people over for finger food.  At least this way each one is only 2. 

I got these in Tesco for E2.50.  It contains Dib Dabs, Frosties cola and then Frosties mixed, Refresher Gums and Dolly mix.  Now on the nutritional information on the bag, there are no value for Fibre on any of them, so all of these calculations are based on the information given. 

Dib dabs in this bag work out at 2 Propoints, 

These have a Propoints value of 4 per mini bag. 

These are in little bags and each bag has a propoints value of 3.

These have a propoints value of 2. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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