Monday, 14 October 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

What's your Because?  

Last week I was at a photo shoot for the new Weight Watchers Campaign.  The theme was Because.  As in Because it's easier to shop when you are a size 12 or Because being overweight made me feel restricted.

There were lots of different Because for all of us taking part in the shoot and it was really nice listening to everyone else's Because.  All of the other ladies in the shoot were so lovely and it was really nice to meet up with others as well. 

This was Zoe the beautiful make up artist that made sure that we were all camera ready, seriously with me she had her work cut out, but herself and the other make up artist were such perfectionists.  

They notice every little detail, I know it's there job but really they see everything.  I hope they manage to make up away the wrinkles. 

This was the amount of make up there, we were told to have our own make up done and the artists would top us up but I had to check because my make up was out of date.  

Weird that make up has a use by date but it does.  Anyway, they knew what they were doing. 

These lights don't look that big, but honestly the heat off of them, I was on fire by the end of my 30 second stint, that could have been utter nerves bringing my blood pressure up through the roof aswel though because it's quiet intimidating when your there with the lights on you and the camera pointing at you. 

Looks small but caused a huge amount of pressure.  Let's hope it liked me for the photo's.

Anyway it got me thinking, you see I had a lot of Because, and reasons why I joined WeightWatchers and even more reasons now that I have lost the weight to not go back to who I was before, In some ways there very personal reasons and other ways I wondered if this is why everyone joins Weight Watchers?

You see there we were in the middle of lunch on the day and out comes a really large poster of all of our before pictures.  

I actually flipped inside.  To this day I can still not believe that I paid nearly E150 for that dress, and no it was not because I loved it, it was the only thing that was suitable for a wedding in Cyprus.  

It was a halterneck dress, which meant that I had to wear halterneck underwear, this meaning I nearly decapitated myself, the pain from that dress really ruined parts of the day for me. 

But I'm not there now, Because I joined WeightWatchers and Because I stuck with it. 

Tell me, what is your Because, Why are you here doing WeightWatchers? 

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