Thursday, 31 October 2013

How freaky will today be for you?


Who feels like this after Halloween, however, would it really be from eating all the fruit? 

Me neither. 

I had a kids party today for my daughter and I did really well, I avoided all of the junk, because I bought stuff that I really don't like and I had my dinner before the party started and then a bowl of zero propoint soup. 

I'm very proud of myself.  I even avoided all of the mini pizza's and sandwiches that I had cooked.  Maybe I am learning but I really did take my own advice this week.  

In class, I was saying that we should buy the treats that we don't like and that way temptation would be less but usually I do get myself something and then of course there is always the chance of indulgence, but I do have the gorgeous dress that I want to feel gorgeous in for my husbands birthday party.  So here's hoping it works. 

If your like me, you will be doing a last minute shop trying to get some goodies or baddies in for those trick or treaters that will be knocking on your door. 

Temptation will always be everywhere, motivation and determination may go on there own mid term break, so here is my tips.

1. Buy treats that are individually wrapped, at least that way you can keep track of it. 

2. Limit what you buy, over buying leads to over spending and over indulgence. 

3. Buy treats your less likely to eat. 

4. Go with tradition buy fruit. I have never in my life gone on a fruit binge that lead to guilt afterwards. 

5. Instead of saving up all of your daily propoints to spend on junk, eat well so that your not hungry when the treats arrive in. 

6. Trust yourself, give yourself some credit, you mind is your temple and your body will obey it's master.

7. Play old fashioned trick or treat games, bobbing apples wont cost you any weekly propoints.

8.  Use this as your test for Christmas, see it a Junior cert for the big one and remember it is practice that makes perfect. 

If all else fails, here are some small treats that might just keep the junk junkster at bay.

Costing 1 Weightwatchers Propoints and less that 1 Euro

I got these in Tesco, now, there mini as it says but they are individually wrapped and they are tasty and cheap and for 1 propoint their very good value.

Costing 2 Propoints

We all know them, they come in a few different flavors and I love them

These are 2 propoints and even better each one is 2 propoints, so if you have 2 of them its still 4 propoints.

If you buy the 12 pack of these, where each pack is 15g then these also work out at 2 propoints and great for watching scary movies too.

These multipacks of treat size bars are also only 2 propoints per bar and really satisfy that "craving real chocolate" moments. 

Costing 3 Propoints

These are really tasty, I have only seen these in a six pack and their usually about E2.50 and I got them in Tesco.

Of course their lovely, 3 propoints each. 


These my Favourite at the moment and you can buy them in individual packets for E0.65 in most shops.

Costing 4 Propoints

These are the peanut bars and their gorgeous.  They really cured my peanut cravings at the weekend.  I bought them in Dunnes Stores and the 5 pack was on sale for E2.

I still think these are getting smaller every year but there still tasty. 

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