Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The best thing since Batch Loaf

Did you ever just get a longing for batch loaf bread, or old fashioned turnover bread?  or am I really showing my age? 

I'm not a huge lover of batch loaf, never was, but every now and then, like for a crisp sandwich or a chip sandwich or for an egg and rasher sandwich. 

We all now that 2 slices of normal batch bread will cost you 8 WeightWatchers Propoints alone, not including the butter or anything else and that does not include the heal. 

So what's changed?  Aldi 

There I was doing my shopping the other day and I was actually looking at something else when this caught my eye.

There huge slices.  So I came home and I double checked.  Each actual slice it according to the packaging 2 slices, after weighing it.  However, one of these large slice's really is like 2 actual slices of Batch Loaf. 

The Propoints

For 1 large slice is 5 Propoints so that is like 2 slices, it would be more than enough.  For half of the slice is 2 Weight Watchers Propoints.  This was around the E1. mark and I have to tell you that it really is worth the propoints.  If you like batch bread or turnover, you need to get to Aldi. 

Some even better news from Aldi. 

A gorgeous small version of Batch loaf.  Each slice is 2 WeightWatchers Propoints but if you have 2 slices, it's only 3 propoints.  I have triple checked this one.  It's gorgeous. Again a little over a euro and the best buy that I have bought in a long time. 

I was so excited about both of these that I felt that I really needed to give them a post of their own. 

So this is what lunch is about for me today. 

All for 7 Weight Watchers Propoints. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Absolutely love it!!! Especially coming into the colder weather nothing nicer than an egg and bacon sambo!!! Just wondering what's the rashers you use in above post? The only worry with me is there is a huge possibility of finishing off the whole loaf! (love it toasted!)

    1. Hi, the rashers I used were Denny instant streaky rashers, 3 of them for 1 propoint. 10 seconds in the microwave and there gorgeous. It is hard to stop with the bread but there gorgeous.

    2. thanks a mil that has made my weekend!!! just need to add them to the shopping list now! well worth it - have been away for a few weeks so as usual finding it a bit hard getting back on track but the blog is a big help thanks again.

  2. Sorry but where do you buy the denny instant rashers. I've looked everywhere but I can't find them. P.s. I absolutely LOVE you blog. It keeps me going knowing there are others out there who struggle too.

  3. Hi, I usually get them in superquin or dunnes stores. There in a black & red plastic container. I'm so glad the blog helps. Remember it's a weight loss battle because it's a challenge you just need persistence