Monday, 16 September 2013

Budget busting kitchen staples

Foods that won't bust your budget or your gut. 

Last week in class, the topic was on sorting out your kitchen and WeightWatchers Propoint friendly staples.  I decided that I was going to look at the most budget friendly items that one needs to help them with their weight loss journey. 

See often, a person could be the only Weight Watcher in the house and buys separate foods which can lead to not eating the same meals as everyone else. 

Let's face it, some of these products are particularly pricey.  If you have the money, go ahead, but if you don't and your finding it difficult, here's the list of foods that I always have, on a budget. 

So for some of our newer readers and members, here is a little example of where you can save.

By having these on hand, at least this way, I know that the basics are taken care of and I wont be inclined to spend my propoints and a whole lot of things that I really could get for a quarter of the propoints as while as price. 


This, for me is the best value milk, it's less than a euro for the ltr and and it's 1 Weight Watchers Propoints for 200mls. This is UTH milk,i.e. long life milk, but very handy to have in the press.

Aldi do their own fresh milk version, roughly around the same price and for the exact same propoints. 

Tesco also do their own skim milk.  It's in  a pink carton generally beside the slimline milk. 

I have checked the calcium levels in all of these milks and they all have either the equivilant of more calcium than the fuller fat versions. 


Tesco do this lighter version.  You can also buy a light spread in Aldi.  These work out the same as the named expensive brands.  However, the one in Aldi is E0.53.  No it's not Kerry gold   Only Kerry gold is Kerry gold.   There's not much I can do about that. 

If your looking for the cholesterol reducing butters, I'm not sure how effective these spreads would be, however Aldi do have their own brand lighter butter that states that it is cholesterol reducing.  Again, I'm not sure of the in's or out's of this.  You would need to check this out for yourself. 


This by far is the best low fat grated cheese that I have come across.  It's a little over a E1. but perfect for pizza.  It's really finely grated making it easier to measure if using a spoon.  You get this in Lidl and well worth the buy. 


Aldi Fat free Natural yogurt.  It's the one on the right.  70c and it's 1 Propoint per 100mls.  There are better deals for yogurt in the propoints steaks but for the price, I really don't see you getting cheaper for such a large carton. 

This works out roughly the same value for money and Propoints. 

This is a great option for desserts. 


This is from Lidl and It will cost you E1.00 and it's the exact same as any other expensive sweetener  Great for stirring into some natural yogurt.  add some berries and some porridge oats and you have a delicious breakfast. 

These are items I always have in my home. If you were to spend E5.00 today on getting some of these items as alternatives to the fuller fat versions, it would really help with your weight loss   It's the little changes that will give you a help. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Great post as usual! - do you know how many points the grated cheese is? thanks

    1. That cheese works out at 1 propoint for 2 measured tablespoons. Glad you like the post.

  2. Totally agree regarding the cheese - you seem to get more for your point, I know it is only an illusion but I like that.... I also use the Tesco Fromage Frais and now can use it without the sweetener and has definitely helped eliminate some of my sweet tooth. Really love these posts too and look forward to all information gathered on them.