Monday, 9 September 2013

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Damage Control

So when in WeightWatchers one needs to remember that not everyday will be a WeightWatchers friendly day.  There are times when your gonna slip up. 

Sometimes this is due to lack of planning, hunger, or plain and simple sabotage.  I do it more than I would like.  Something happens, or nothing happens and I just feel for some reason that I really need a good sugar rush.  Regardless of how many daily propoints or weekly propoints I have left or not, sometimes a bit of a sweet feast is what I'm in need of. 

You think, well that's not helpful but what do you do when your in that type of mood.  This is where damage control kicks in.   If you have only low propointed treats in the house, the damage wont be as bad.  So if you had bought a large pack of Snicker Bars, or one of those slabs of Dairy Milk in the fridge.  How many of us can say no or stop after a few squares? 

At least with smaller, WeightWatchers friendly treats in the house, firstly you can gain some idea of how many propoints you have eaten because most of these are individually wrapped. 

Now this post is not about planning to fail and having your failure plan ready.  It's about preparing for the unexpected and planning to limit the damage. 

So if you really have to buy sweet treats, whether it be for your other half, or your children or just because you have never done your shopping without buying your guilty pleasure.   

This week change your habits.  Buy yourself a treat that you wont feel guilty about.  Of course you could buy yourself a manicure, because you can't eat that, but none of us really have the money for that.  

Most of these where under the E2.00 mark and are part of multipacks, so you could save yourself a few pennies aswel as a few pounds just by choosing wiser break out treats. 

Honey Monster Stix, available in white chocolate and milk chocolate.  Each of these works out at 2 WeightWatchers Propoints each, and if your particularly sugary, 2 of them works out at 4 Propoints.  Now I must warn you, these are just like the cereal, extremely sugary, I couldn't finish one, but if that's your thing at least the damage is limited. 

  I picked these up in Lidl and they it's a pack of mini packs of Jammie Dodgers.  In each little pack there are 4 biscuits and I have to say that I really liked these years ago.  Each little pack has a Propoints value of 2.  Very handy for sticking in your bag for work, for those just in case moments. 

I picked these up because when I looked at the pack, it said that each bar was 60 calories and I thought, they would be handy.  However when I got home, each roll is 60 calories, meaning that each pack has a Propoints value of 4.  There not small and they are rather tasty.  However, I could think of better ways to spend 4 Propoints but that's just me. 

I got these in Aldi.  there are 2 bars in pack and the pack has a propoints value of 4 Propoints.   Rather nice, my mother was thrilled seen as she felt that they would be a lot more.  

Somebody on Facebook posted this.  About a week later I spotted them myself in Eurospar for E2.00.  I'm in love with them, absolutely gorgeous and there are 10 in the pack.  Each pack of dips and biscuits together has a WeightWatchers Propoints value of 3 and they are well worth it.  If your looking for a treat to have lying around the house, this is the one to pick. 

So all of these are good on the price stakes, good on the Propoints stakes and even better, if you don't want anyone to know that your on WeightWatchers.  With these, no one would know. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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  1. Love how the mini jammie d are only 2pp, I adored these when I was younger. Defo on the lookout for them now lol :-)