Saturday, 7 September 2013

Who's a Weight Watchers on a Saturday?

And it fell to the ground like an Autumn leaf. 

This week in class we looked at getting rid of your excess baggage and it got me thinking.  In my classes we focused on certain feelings that hold us back with loosing the weight. 

Fear of changing habits and then being unsure of what the future holds for us, if we embark on something new and different. 

Shame, how we feel when we look at ourselves and pictures. 

Embarrassment, by what we are. 

Regret, because of what we could have done to change things. 

Lack of expectations of ourselves and accepting what we already have.  I sometimes hear people say "sure I'm too old now, I have missed the time whereby it could have been fun to have been slimmer"

Is this your toxic waste.  You know, most of these feelings that we have, our actually in our heads.  Other people don't necessarily see us as that at all.   We are their friends, partners, even lovers. 

If most of this is in our heads, then are we running away from ourselves?  How far do you think that your going to get with that one? yea, our head is kinda stuck to all the other parts of us.  It's our very own Think Tank.  So why not rid your personal Think Tank of it's toxic waste. 

Has these feelings been helpful in the past?  Have they helped with our weight loss?  or have they added to it? 

Leaves fall from the treas in Autumn because they shed the summer growth and excess to make room for fresh flowers to grow.  Maybe, Mother Nature knew what she was talking about and we need to take a leaf out of her book. 

I have been utterly unmotivated for at least a week now.  My eldest girl started primary school and my youngest turned 2 and I really felt it.  Then there was the fact that I have not had a minute to myself at all that my planning went out the window completely and my food side suffered miserably.  To top it all off, today I had to go to the dentist.  Really not enjoyable.  

Unfortunately he happened to extremely handsome and he was fiddling that much in mouth for that long, I accidentally licked his finger.  A red face does not even begin to cover it. 

So what has changed.  Well there I was, totaling up the weight loss of my 2 two classes and I realized that between them, they lost 6 stone 1 pound.  That's 85 pounds.  I didn't need anymore motivation. 

There it was.  And it screamed, get up off your back side and enjoy the changes. Change will never stop, just as time stops for no man. 

I have planned my meals and I'm ready to face the weekend and it's coming week and I'm happy in the knowledge that I am organised.  It took 2 hours but those 2 hours will save me on extra pounds and a lot of time during the week. 

I never really post at the weekend, because who is a Weight Watcher on a Saturday.  Well, I'm lifer, therefore I need to plan for the weekend aswel.  

We need to think, we are our own organic source of well being Monday to Friday.  Then, we become our own Toxic waste.  By Monday we have the stench of the weekend in our heads.  This is the fear.  By the afternoon we start to feel all of the other feeling, shame, regret, possible embarrassment. 

Figure out what Toxic waste your carrying and let it go.  Let this be your season changing and you alone are your own Mother Nature. 

Change what you can, control yourself.  Think of all the hardships which you could never have control of. This you can. Take the bull by the horns and face it. 

Get on track and see what you can achieve in 1 week.  Once you have that down, you will know your capabilities and that will spur you on. 

" Who needs Halloween, I'm spooked by what I have become, afraid of what I could be and petrified in the knowledge that I really could do this"  me. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT post! Really hit a nerve with me. Thanks for this!

  2. Fantastic stuff, needed this greatly! Thank you X

  3. Thanks so much!! I'm thinking of rejoining WW (for the hundreth time) and this is a great boost! :) Thank you xx