Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Warning: Serious problem with a new WeightWatchers Product!

No animals were used to test this product?

However, if tester turns into an animal WeightWatchers takes no responsibility! 

I found this in SuperValu in Palmerstown, yesterday.  I nearly jumped on top of some dear woman to get my hands on this.  

Nutella!  What can I say. It is a really big trigger food for me, so I stopped buying it when I realized that having it in my house was torture for me.  Then Chocolate Philly came out and I was thrilled.  It didn't have that dip your finger into it urge but it really was lovely for desserts. 

Now this!  Well I bought it yesterday at 5 pm and I only have half a jar left.  I have not shared this with anyone at all so the culprit is me. 

This will always be a trigger food for me. 

So I have lost 9 stone 1 pound, maintained for over a year and a half, am now a WeightWatchers leader and I cop on that it is constant hard work.  Old habits die hard. 

If unlike me, you have some form of restraint, go and get this as it is lovely and is nutty, It's a bit darker than Nutella, but a really excellent substitute. 

Now, I need to go and figure out how many Propoints there is in a jar, so that I can figure out how much activity I have to do as part of damage control, and yes that means that I am finishing the jar off this week and then it is barred from my house once more. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Saw this yesterday in super-valu and was sorely tempted but resisted because just like you would eat and eat till all gone. The same reason I do not buy multipacks of crisps = the packs may be smaller but I would continue and eat all 6 or whatever was in it. Please post the points when worked out as if not too bad may consider purchase if my willpower is in a good place :)

  2. Clair if your back there before Tuesdays class,would you pleasepick one up for me,will fix you up at class

  3. Hi Bernadette, I sure will, I should be there over the weekend anyway when I'm in work and I'll it for your then:-) see you Tuesday in class