Monday, 10 June 2013

Food Finds for a BBQ

Some BBQ Food Finds to help you over the next couple of days, i.e. our summer. 

I'm not planning on mentioning anything to do with the weather outlook.  What I will say is that the weather is here today and I plan on enjoying it. Yes, this includes a BBQ.

I don't want to waste time rabbiting on or expect you to read a whole big text, I'm just gonna tell you what I found. 

Enjoy the weather. 


Sorry about the quality of picture but these are 2 WeightWatchers Propoints and there lovely.

These are 3 WeightWatchers Propoints

These are 2 WeightWatchers Propoints. 

I bought all of the above in a Tesco in Ballyfermot and they were all on a half price sale.

Aldi do half Corn on the Cob for 2 WeightWatchers Propoints and they are delicious. 

These are great for topping your burgers and give a beautiful flavor and 3 of them has a Propoints value of 1. 

Enjoy the weather and the BBQ. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. I pointed the birds eye chicken burgers over the weekend from the box and they worked out at 3PP. Can someone correct me if im wrong, ive got a liking for them lately :(

  2. No your right I confused them with quorn burgers that I was looking at, I'm correcting it now