Friday, 12 April 2013

Cinema Snacks Propointed

Salted popcorn, creamy cheesy and spicy jalapeno's, ice cream.  Don't you just love the cinema?  Wanna know what the WeightWatchers Propoints of you cinema trip contain? 

I love going to the cinema, it's a real date night for me and other half, because with the children we don't really got a lot of time at all together, but its a really relaxing evening.  Even if the film is terrible, we can always sleep uninterrupted for at least 1 hour 30 mins so its a bonus for us no matter what.  Plus I love the smell of the popcorn and eating it. 

The last film I went to see was The Hobbit.  Excellent film.  It's 3 hours long.  I could have ate my way through the 3 hours.  If I was to choose how I would like to spend my weekly propoints, I would much prefer to spend them on a nice meal in a restaurant and a few glasses of wine.  Definitely not cinema food.  As much as I love cinema, I don't fancy spending all my weeklies and a fortune on popcorn and Ice cream. 

I'm extremely naughty though.  I bring my own food with me sometimes.  Especially when we really don't have a lot of money to spare.  It could cost nearly 20 quid for just cinema treats.  I have been caught though.  In Dundrum I had a large handbag and my treats in the bag, I wasn't hiding them and I had bought ice cream and then ticket checker was quite rude and I was very red faced but then I got hard faced and told him that there was very little food in the cinema that catered for my dietary requirements so I was forced to bring my own food.  He was quite embarrassed, he was possibly thought that I was celiac which I'm not but they weren't catering for my requirements and If they were well then I would buy them there. 

Weight Watchers Magazine have been running a campaign called Slim our Snacks  in a bid to try get cinemas to provide choice in the cinema.   Now I need to be clear about this, I feel that options are better rather than taking away anything high calorie.  Mainly because going to cinema is a treat and therefore there should be treat food aswel as other options.  My other half could the cinema out of it and never gains an ounce.  At one point in our marriage I was convinced that we had something called Transferable Fat Syndrome, whereby he eats it and all the fat wanted to come over and join its friends on my body. 

Needless to say that theory got me nowhere, therefore, having a choice is all that I'm asking for.  You can log on to sign the petition.  I know that this is in the UK but most of our cinema's are UK owned so if it happens in the UK you can bet your life that it will happen here. 

The information that I have on here is from the WeightWatchers magazine and is based on information that they received from the Odeon Cinema so there is room for adjustment when it comes to cinemas and some portions sizes may be bigger than others, so maybe use this as a general guide. 

Salted or Sweet

Large  popcorn 27
Medium popcorn 19
Small popcorn 11


There is only information for the medium. 

Nachos with cheese 24 Propoints  but if you have this with jalapeno's rather than cheese it's 17 propoints.

A large bag is 34

Hot Dog

For the medium 13 Propoints
Large 21 propoints


Bag of Rolos 20 Propoints 

28 Propoints

Pick & Mix 

White mice for 100g is 15 propoints

For 100g 8 Propoints

Ice Cream 

For 1 scoop 6 Propoints 

1 serving 4 Propoints 

There is a lot to think about now on your next trip to the cinema but I'm definitely going to sign the petition to have some options so that a trip to the cinema does not end up as a horror movie. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to! 


  1. Oh oh, my husband and I have T.F. Syndrome too - I knew I had to have had an excuse!!!!!!!!!

    Love your blog.

    1. I'm really serious about this lol I was convinced so I think there is a possibility. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's feels this syndrome lol.

  2. better off with my own treats .. the guilt i would have after that wouldnt b worth it but thats me :D

    1. That's how I feel about it Karen, way too many propoints gone on cinema snacks doesn't feel worth it

  3. New to your blog, but am absolutely loving it!

    1. Thank you Firefly22 I'm gland you enjoyed it

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for that and the pm, I could only write what weightwatchers published so this is music to my ears

  5. Very late finding this but you are an absolute lifesaver. Trying to track religiously atm and hitting the cinema tonight. I know theres all the healthier treats but to be honest, I adore the cinema and popcorn's my favourite food. I'll happily spend my points on it. Glad to have found your blog!