Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Loaded Mashed Potato

Creamy, cheesy mashed potato with bacon bits, spring onion and topped again with cheese.

This does not taste like diet food at all.  This is just simple ingredients to make a delicious meal. 

Firstly I don't actually eat a lot of potatoes, which coming from my family is strange, considering everyone else eats a field of potatoes.  I mean, no rice, pasta and couscous is really funny food, in fact they do not consider it a food at all.  

In my parents house you can tell what day of the week it is by the meal that's on the table.  Which is kinda nice but I do like variety. 

Anyway, the other day I was in dire need of proper food.  The reason for this need was because although I did not actually get an Easter egg for myself, my children got way to many.  I stopped them eating them because they were hyper with them. 

However, my hand, right one to be specific, developed a twitch.  Sounds harmless.  No, not in the slightest.  Every time I walked pass this particular cupboard my hand flew into the chocolate.  This was leading to a very bad habit. 

So I decided that I was making proper meals and cutting out the chocolate and the junk because I was feeling really terrible with it. 

This was the start of my resolve to eat a good tasty meal whereby I'm satisfied,  This did not disappoint.  I actually had visitors and I gave them this and they loved it and were none the wiser about calories or anything else. 

Weight Watchers Propoints per serving 5
Weight Watchers Propoints per recipe 22
Serves 4


4 medium sized potatoes 
60g of Weight Watchers Thick Cream
60g  of Lidl grated reduced fat cheese divided into 2
5 Denny instant streaky rashers chopped
4 spring onion sliced
1 Tbl of garlic granules
1 Tbl of Bbq seasoning
Salt and Pepper to taste
Spray Oil


Boil potatoes until cooked.  I left the peel on because I like the roughness that it has but you can peel if you like.  Once cooked, heat the oven to gas mark 5. 

Season the cream with salt, pepper, garlic and bbq seasonings.  Stir to combine.  Chop the potatoes with a knife, just so that they are smaller. 

Pour the cream into the potatoes and add half of the cheese, half the spring onion and half the chopped bacon.  Mix well until the cheese starts to melt. 

Place the mashed potatoes into the Pyrex dish or any dish that is oven friendly.  Sprinkle the remaining spring onion, cheese and bacon. Mist with a little spray oil.

Roast in the oven for about 15 minutes.  Divide by 4 and serve immediately. 

I served mine with Leek and Sausage Burgers

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!


  1. Hi there, just found your blog through weight watchers, joining next week. Really like your reciepes and can't wait to try this one. Yummy!

    1. Hi SandyBee, I'm so glad you like the blog and recipes. I hope you get on well with WeightWatchers. Let me know how the recipes works out for you.

  2. That looks delicious! Have to try that. Love your blog :)

  3. Thanks Becky, delighted you like the blog, let me know how it goes for you.

  4. Tried it this evening... soooo good! You're right, doesn't taste like diet food at all. Thank you, will definitely be making that again!

  5. This is looking so good and this is a lovely blog. thanks for sharing.
    Glyn Willmoth