Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fruit Portions

Is it a Trick or Treat?

So fruit is zero right? Yes.   Halloween, here in Ireland, has the somewhat distant tradition of giving out fruit to Trick or Treaters.  

Although nowadays its more high sugar sweats whereby an hour after going trick or treating the mammy and daddy are ready to pull their hair out while the children are bouncing off the walls.  

For us WeightWatchers, its the one time of year where we can indulge in tradition without any retribution.  

Since becoming a leader, I get asked a lot about fruit, people really feel that you can have too much fruit and veg and then should I Propoint the fruit if I have more than 5? 

It's difficult to grasp that certain foods aren't propointed, especially when they do contain calories. 

Here's a story. 

On the older version of WeightWatchers, fruits contained old Points.  A banana had 2.  A WeightWatchers bar contained 2 as did some other store bought treats.  

I never ate bananas.  I did however eat treats.  An apple had half a Point, as did some other fruits.  I could have 3 portions of fruit or a pack of natural jellies.  I had the jellies.  

The programme changed, fruit became zero. I ate the banana. 

My point is, fruit is nature's dessert and when I thought that I had to count it, I chose other desserts.  

Now I choose fruit.  I have not gained weight and strangely I never binge eat on fruit? 

However, how can one be sensible with fruit and veg? 

Does anybody portion out their fruit.  I have heard of people eating 6 bananas per day.  6? You'll be constipated until next Halloween on 6.  

But what is a portion? 

We have kinda gotten to grips with a portion of rice or pasta or our treats for that matter, but what's in our fruit? 

Its actually surprisingly difficult to find out as most sites just focus on the 5 a day but what is considered 5?

Here's a list of some of the main fruits that I like and what is considered a portion.

Single Fruit

Apple: fresh  1 medium apple

Banana: fresh  1 medium banana

Orange  1 orange

Pear: fresh  1 medium pear

Peach: fresh  1 medium peach 


Blackberries  1 handful (9 to 10 blackberries)

Blackcurrants  4 heaped tablespoons

Blueberries  2 handfuls (4 heaped tablespoons)

Cherries: fresh  14 cherries

Strawberry: fresh  7 strawberries

Raspberries: fresh  2 handfuls =20 raspberries

A portion is 2 

Clementines  2 

Fig: fresh  2

Plum 2

Tangerine 2 small

Satsuma 2 small

Kiwi fruit  2

3's a crowd

Apricot: fresh  3 apricots

Dates: fresh  3 dates


Grapefruit: fresh Half 

Mango 2 slices

Pineapple: canned  2 rings or 12 chunks


Passion fruit  5 to 6 fruit

Lychee:  fresh 6 

Rhubarb: cooked  2 heaped tablespoons Rough guide

Grapes a small handful

As another leader once said, common sense is key, but think of this, has anyone ever joined WeightWatchers because they became obese from eating too much fruit and veg? 

After a few drinks, do you crave apple's?  do you splurge on mandarin? 

The point of having zero propoint fruit and veg is that it becomes accessible to everyone, it encourages even non fruit & veg lovers to enjoy natures delight. 

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!

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