Friday, 2 November 2012

Weightwatchers Friendly Halloween Treats


So, tis the day before Halloween and if your like me, you will be doing a last minute shop trying to get some goodies or baddies in for those trick or treaterst that will be knocking on your door tomorrow. 

Now im sure you know that saying "fridge pickers wear bigger knickers"  well i am a fridge picker.  To avoid the bigger knickers aspect of the saying I try to buy Weightwatchers friendly foods that really don't cost an arm and a leg.

So I've decided to post some of my Halloween Food Finds to help keep you on track.

Costing 1 Weightwatchers Propoints and less that 1 Euro

I got these in Tesco, now, there mini as it says but they are individually wrapped and they are tasty and cheap and for 1 propoint their very good value.

Costing 2 Propoints

We all know them, they come in a few different flavours and i love them

These are 2 propoints and even better each one is 2 propoints, so if you have 2 of them its still 4 propoints.

If you buy the multipack, each pack of these gorgeous crisps are 2 propoints.  Now to me these are definitely worth it.

If you buy the 12 pack of these, where each pack is 15g then these also work out at 2 propoints and great for watching scary movies too.

These mutipacks of treatsize bars are also only 2 propoints per bar and really satisfy that "craving real chocolate" moments. 

However, i must add that if you buy the Bounty Bars pack, each little bar is 4 propoints so try to avoid these as much as you can.  I bought these in Dunnes Stores where 3 packs are 5E and I think that's the cheapest your going to get for these because their usually quite expensive.

Costing 3 Propoints

These are really tasty, I have only seen these in a six pack and their usually about E2.50 and I got them in Tesco.

These are lovely and currently on sale in Dunnes Stores for E1.50 for the 5 pack.

These my Favourite at the moment and you can buy them in individual packets for E0.65 in most shops.

Costing 4 Propoints

These are the peanut bars and their gorgeous.  They really cured my peanut cravings at the weekend.  I bought them in Dunnes Stores and the 5 pack was on sale for E2.

I used to love these when i was youner.  Now these are not as big as i remember but their still very tasty.  For a six pack of these at the moment in Superquinn these are E1 which is great value.

So their all of my treats for Halloween that I have to offer you all.  Try to avoid peanuts or monkey nuts if your on Weightwatchers as their not weightwatchers friendly.  If you want so Nuts thry Brazil nuts which are 3 for 1 propoint or 15 Pistachio nuts are 2 propoints and they take longer to eat because of all the shelling.

Your average chocolate apple is 6 propoints and i mean the apples free, the toffee apples in general are 9 propoints so very costly.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween the Niptuck way, so you don't have to!  Now off to get my Batwoman costume ready!

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