Friday, 13 April 2012

Weightwatchers Style Apple Crumble and an adventure

Healthy and Filling Apple Crumble that doesn't eat into your Weeklies!

Since reaching goal "horaah" ive been trying to stick to the Weightwatchers Healthy and Filling plan.  

Really just for a break from Propoint counting and i have to say i love it.  I was so nervous at first because it kinda looked complicated and the thoughts of limiting myself to only certain types of food was putting me off. 

Especially considering how much of a sweet tooth that i have i was wondering if i restrict myself will it lead to a complete and utter break out.

Then i read that you can have a weightwatchers style Apple Crumble.  I made it but in my opinion it was a bit bitter and didn't really cure that sweat tooth of mine.  So a couple of adjustments later and i have found a way to Niptuck this Crumble in a Weightwatchers fashion that really satisfied me.  

The secret........ Diet 7up!

I know odd but it really works and its gorgeous. 

Now this week as been a bit of a break out week for me because i was on holidays and here's where the adventure begins. 

Work outs? Well me and them don't really go well together, ill walk anywhere at all but actual workouts loose my concentration seriously quickly and i often find that i actually start to clock watch a lot and as much as i always feel great afterwards, at the time, i don't really enjoy it. 

So i decided that i was going to do something different, so i did.  I booked a holiday here in rainy, cold and windswept Ireland and booked us in to go Surfing. 

Yes the weather was its usual changeable self, no i had never ventured as far as surfing before and the thoughts of getting into a wet suit made me nervous and i must add that getting into the wet suit was a workout in itself.  However, this adventure was one of the best i have ever attempted in my life.  2 hours of complete laughter, with the theme tune of Jaws ringing in my ears do dum da dum da dum you get the picture.

Well i have to say that nobody cared how we all looked the instructors were excellent and didn't mind at all that i don't know my left from my right and generally did the opposite of what i was supposed to be doing they got that this was fun.  

I left the water, warm, worn out and a smile from ear to ear.  I will definitely be doing this again this summer as i think i have caught the buzz although waves i did not catch many but hope to in the near future. 

If anyone is looking for a getaway with a different this is the place to go, or if travelling to Ireland and want to see some spectacular scenery and catch a wave or 2 Bundoran in Donegal is the place to especially if you have children and if your looking for a surf school try out Turf n Surf you wont be disappointed.

This was not me!

Anyway back to the Apple Crumble, i added raspberries to this but its up to you if want to.  If your not doing a Weightwatchers Healthy and Filling day this whole dish works out at 3 Weightwatchers ProPoints.  Of course i added some 0% yogurt which is free and i topped it off with a 99 Flake which worked out at 1 Weightwatchers Propoints. 

Apple and Raspberry Crumble
Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 50 minutes


  • 4 fl oz or 120 mils of 7Up Free 
  • 3 tablespoons Sucralose-based sweetener, sugar substitute, Splenda, canderell or to your liking
  • 40 grams Oats, raw i used 1 pack of Flahavans Quick Oats
  • 4 tablespoons Raspberries, raw
  • 4 large, (3-1/4" dia) Apples, raw, without skin i used Pink Ladies 
  • 1 tbsp Spices, cinnamon, ground

  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 5 
  2. Peel and slice the apples 
  3. Wash the raspberries and add to the apples 
  4. Place Raspberries and Apples in a bowl
  5. Add the Splenda and cinnamon 
  6. Add the diet drink 
  7. Stir the mixture until all fruit is covered 
  8. Sprinkle the Porridge Oats on top.
  9. Transfer to a baking tray 
  10. Place in the oven for 20-30 minutes (depending on your oven)
  11. Remove from oven and allow a few minutes to cool slightly

Enjoy the Niptuck way so you don't have too!

"Just to let you know the nutritional information here is not working out for me because the oats i use has 3 Weightwatchers Propoints in them per pack and the rest is free on the Healthy and Filling Plan."

Nutrition Info (per serving)

Total Fat2.0g
Total Carbs76g
Dietary Fiber11g
Vitamin A9.5mcg
Vitamin C21mg

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