Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Weightwatchers Food Finds

The search for Fat Free Greek Style Yogurt is over!

I have had one of the busiest weeks in long time and im not actually too sure why, maybe a mini break is just a mini break but means maximum catching up to do when you return?  There has not been a lot of cooking going on in my kitchen recently but there has been shopping and i have discovered a few favorites that i will definitely be buying again.

The first needs a Drum Roll.....................
Yes i found it! it has been a long struggle but eventually even after email a company (i know very nerdy) i have eventually found Greek Style Yogurt that is fat free and is part of the Weightwatchers Healthy and Filling Plan.

And it gets better, yes it is in 2 different flavors and both one's which i love.  There is Honeyed Peach which is thick and creamy and actually has some peachy bits in it.  The other flavor is my favorite, coconut with a hint of vanilla "that's its actual name".

I bought them in Tesco in the Square in Tallaght and yes they can be used for baking and cooking but one would have to ensure that the flavor matches the dish your making, i don't fancy a honeyed peach flavor fresh cod? 

If your not on the Healthy and Filling each pot works out at 2 Weightwatchers Propoints which considering how creamy they are is a bargain in my book.

Now i have not seen these anywhere else as of yet however a member of staff told me that if i ask at my own local Tesco that they can order because its already on the system, so if your as excited about this as i am, go to your local Tesco and ask.

A sprinkling of something special for the Sunday roast

I love a good Sunday Roast Dinner and i especially love roast potatoes but i have found that with the lack of oil that one can use on the Weightwatchers Propoints Program sometimes it lack a bit of that something special.  There i was browsing around Marks and Spencers the other day and i was actually looking for something completely different and i happened to stumble upon this little gem. 

Just sprinkle it on the your already boiled potatoes, mist with a little and pop in the oven uncovered and it was delicious.  Well worth the buy and after much search i think that a Teaspoon or 2 works out at 0 Weightwatchers Propoints which always puts a smile on my face.  As far as i can remember it was 1.67 Euro but definitely well worth it. 

New Weightwatchers Packaging and products 

I was passing through Swords in Co, Dublin and i stopped off at a shop call JC's.  They have a great selection of Weightwatchers products there and all in the new packaging and there were some surprise treats.

These tasty little treats are 2 Weightwatchers Propoints and there yummy, they also have Weightwatchers Angel Cake Slices and these were my favorite.  Pink and white sponge cake separated by a layer of jam (drool) and topped with icing and sprinkles and these are 2 Weightwatchers Propoints aswel and i will be buying these again.  Also the products are amazingly cheap so if your in the area pop and have a browse and if your looking for a treat with that cup of tea these are worth getting in. 

Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

This was surprisingly good.  I know what your thinking, no the Weightwatchers Propoints in this is huge.  Actually for a Tablespoon of this is 2 Propoints which is not bad at and it goes so well on toast as a snack and i love it like the Americans with Jam.  This is also great for baking aswel. 

Well i really have been a busy little bee this week searching the aisles for those food finds.  

Enjoy the Niptuck way, so you don't have too!

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